Messi’s challenges against a Brazil that Argentina has not won since 2005

Messis challenges against a Brazil that Argentina has not won

Everyone wanted the final Brazil-Argentina. The Albiceleste wanted her, obviously; Neutral fans wanted her; Conmebol wanted her … Anyway, Colombia had it very difficult in the field, and it was about to ‘spoil’ Saturday’s party. The ‘coffee growers’ died on penalties and the final was between the two giants.

Not be the first final between the two in history of their centuries-old rivalry. The very first finals that both were played was in the far away Copa America 1937, which was played, and was won, in and by Argentina. Since that day, 84 years ago, the Brazilians have won everything, in terms of finals, to Argentina: two American Cups (2004 and 2007) and one Confederations Cup (2005). To be the fifth final between the two, well.

Of those four endings, one was already played by Lionel Messi, the one from the 2007 Cup. The ‘Seleao’ won 3-0 with the Barça star on the grass as a starter. Furthermore, the last six times that there was a direct elimination crossover, they were won by Brazil.

In total, they are recorded 107 clashes in all their joint history. Brazil won 42 games; Argentina was the best in 40; and 25 ties are counted. Only for the Copa America, Brazil has not lost to its rival for six games. The last ‘argento’ triumph was in the final phase of the 1991 Cup. Albiceleste won 3-2, which later became champions.

And this data is conclusive: Argentina has not beaten Brazil in an official match for 16 years -without friendlies-. It was on June 8, 2005 in Buenos Aires, a 3-1 for the World Cup qualifiers, with a goal from the great Juan Romn Riquelme included.

But history, despite all these antecedents, He’s going to give Lionel Messi a historic opportunity. The Argentine captain has a double challenge: to break the 28-year dry streak of titles for the Albiceleste, which has not won anything absolutely since the 1993 Copa America. Nothing more and nothing less!

And secondly, Leo will have a chance to take the personal revenge at the Maracan after the final they lost there in overtime against Germany (1-0) in the final of the 2014 World Cup. Two great challenges for the crack.