Messi to ESPN: “After a hard blow we are happy again”

Messi to ESPN After a hard blow we are happy

Lionel Messi was officially presented this Wednesday as a reinforcement of Paris Saint-Germain and gave a press conference to the world. At the end, he greeted the fans who were waiting for him outside the Park of the Princes and spoke with some media.

In a one-on-one dialogue with ESPN, Leo referred to his forced farewell to Barcelona and admitted that he still has not digested what happened: “First they were difficult days, then I was nervous because of the desire to start. Later when everything was given and we reached a final agreement, things changed, I still do not overcome the above but I am moving forward.”

“The blow was hard for the whole family,” he confessed to Christian Martin, but later stressed that his family was enthusiastic about the idea of ​​living a new experience in Paris. “Antonela accompanies me wherever, from the first moment she supported me. The kids liked thinking about the Tower, about Disney. On a personal level, it’s a dressing room that I know, so you see a very healthy group from the outside. Argentine coaching staff … it was not going to be better anywhere else. The objective of the Champions League would be extraordinary. “

In addition, La Pulga announced: “I start training tomorrow (Thursday). My family returns to Barcelona to accommodate everything. I don’t know when I’m going to play, I’m coming from vacation but when I’m ready I’ll start. Talk to Fideo (Di María), Lean ( Paredes) and Neymar about where to live and where children can go to school “.

And he closed: “Everything I have been experiencing since I arrived in Paris is incredible. All this affection is impressive. It is my first experience in a club outside of Barcelona. After a hard blow we are happy again.”




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