Messi: The loss

Messi The loss

Between the heart aches there must be few that compare with that of the lost. That feeling of anxiety, impotence Y sadness that takes over the body is incurable.

The main problem with love is that when you lose it you devastates. There is no way back. Others will come, sooner or later the wounds will heal -or not-, but facing the end there is no return.

Cost assimilate, do not say to believe. There is a natural resistance to resignation, to the detachment, to accept that what existed is no more, it will no longer return.

Applies to all losses, there is no minors or greater nor the ones that hurt more or less. A loss is a pain and those have no unit of measure.

In sports and specifically in soccer, losses are not a minor issue either. It is enough to see a video that went viral a few days ago in which a kneeling man appears writhing in front of the gate of the Camp Nou, and with Messi’s shirt in his hands he cries: “it can’t be that this day has come,” he says disconsolate.

He was not ready, nobody was, but losses do not always warn … And Messi’s is that of a superior talent that goes beyond a football field.

“How much is a player worth who is a machine to generate prestige Y money? How much is the image of a city worth for a club (and for a city) legend that projects a powerful global picture? How much is the happiness to be represented by a genius in a popular and passionate cause like soccer? ”Jorge Valdano wondered.

There is no answer … from that size it is loss.

It has been only a few days since, unexpectedly, and through a unfortunate newsletter, Barcelona announced that the paths of Leo and the club would take different directions, and as if it were any mortal thanked him and I wish him luck in “his new adventure”.

In the face of loss you also have to have height, and clearly neither Barcelona nor Joan Laporta had it.

These are and will be difficult times for lovers of Messi and Barça. It is hard to believe that he is gone, and his absence will to hurt like none.

The day came that millions – Leo himself included – did not want him to arrive … Messi He leaves home and the loss is irreparable.