Messi surprised the 100-year-old fan who writes down all his goals in a notebook: the reaction that went viral

Lionel Messi’s message to his longest-serving admirer

It was a different birthday for Don Hernán. On Monday, the grandfather celebrated 100 years with the title that got the Argentine team in the Copa América. Had passed 28 years without Olympic laps for the albiceleste team. And the drought ended in the best way: in the final against Brazil at the legendary Maracana.

His story attracted attention, because the old man is a faithful admirer of Lionel Messi. And since he was dazzled by the talent of Rosario, he decided write down in notebooks all the goals that the flea He converted with the Barcelona shirt and the national representative. “He does not know the technology. He doesn’t have a phone, he doesn’t have internet, or a computer. Write down each and every one of Messi’s goals on his sheets. Keep track of all matches. Every time he plays the Barça. Since he can’t see it on TV, he calls me and asks me how many goals Messi scored ”, described his grandson Julian Mastrangelo on their social networks.

But the feat that the team of Lionel scaloni it was not the only joy for Don Hernán. In the last hours a video went viral in which the world legend dedicated a few words of gratitude to him for the work he takes. And the grandfather’s reaction immediately went viral.

In the images you can see the best player on the planet sending an exclusive message for his admirer. “Hello Hernán! Obviously Your story came to me and it seems crazy to me that you keep your goals that way. I want to send you a big hug and thank you for the work you do, for following up and wishing you the best. See you soon! ”Were the forward’s words that moved his supporter.

Don’t tell me it’s MessiThe old man managed to tell his grandson.

It’s Messi! And he sent you a greeting– The young man responded excitedly.

And where is? At home?– Asked the fan with a split voice due to the sensations caused by the video.

He is at his home in Barcelona, ​​but he sent the video to you– His relative continued without being certain about where the footballer is.

After a moment of silence, Don Hernán realized the meaning of the message that the captain of the National Team dedicated to him. In his papers he keeps the records of the goalscorer’s conquests with the date and the rival. In an age of digitization, he prefers to archive his idol’s works manually and has already accumulated more than 730 screams.

After the effort, Leo He took a vacation with his family before announcing his future. As revealed by the Catalan sports newspapers Sport Y Sports world, still “there is no definitive”, since its possible continuity in the Blaugrana It will be known once the directors of La Liga give their consent on the contract by which Messi will continue in the Culé.

Initially, Rosario would arrive in Barcelona on July 27, after their vacations that in principle would be organized to have them in Miami. The Spanish press recalled that “both parties welcome extending the relationship for a period of 5 years“, Thus ruling out last week’s reports, in which it was ensured that the link would be for two seasons.