Messi is a round business … for everyone

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I have discussed it with Laporta Y Javier Tebas. The league can not be allowed Messi Go away. They will make a mistake and we will all regret it. The best footballer in the world has to retire in Spain, undoubtedly complying with the rules of economic control. But sometimes you have to raise your hand a little. I hope that The league he is thinking so. If he leaves, we all get hurt, “he commented. Angel Torres, president of Getafe, on Tuesday in relation to the difficulty of the Bara to renew the Albiceleste international in the face of demanding compliance with the salary bill and the possibility of a change of scene.

Spanish football has lost 1,000 million euros due to Covid, only the Bara it has stopped entering between 250 and 300. This situation has left the cul group in red numbers. Since the wage bill is a percentage of income, it cannot exceed 70 percent, the Barcelona You must lighten your wardrobe this summer if you want to meet the requirements of the national body. Right now it’s 110 percent. At this juncture, the continuity of Messi, Despite the 50 percent reduction in his contract, it is almost impossible. towers asked The league greater flexibility that allows the continuity of the youth squad. With his departure, he not only loses the Camp Nou, all teams do.

Messi is the last emblem and franchise player left to The leagueIf you lose it and go to another competition, the Spanish tournament will be even less attractive and less competitive. We have already seen how his performance has decreased in recent years, it is seen in the Champions. Many footballers have left precisely because of the greater purchasing power or tax benefits that other teams and other countries have. His departure would affect all clubs, not just the Bara“, recognizes MARCA Marc ciria, financier, founding partner and Managing Director at Diagonal Inversiones. Marc Menchn, founder of 2Playbook, agrees with him: “Messi it gives visibility to LaLiga, it is a great speaker that benefits all clubs. His goals and his videos on the networks go around the world and place him in the national tournament “.

Laporta, on Messi’s future: “Leo wants to stay and we are looking for the best formula”

Angel Torres asked The league that was flexible with him Bara this year with the readjustment of the wage bill. Ivn Head, economist and managing partner of Laudem Partners, believes that a review of the conditions would be fair and understandable: “UEFA has been more permissive towards clubs due to the pandemic, and I believe that The league it should be too. We are in an extraordinary situation that requires extraordinary measures, but not only for the Bara but for all teams. Because you can’t ask for such a brutal readjustment in just one year. The contracts are fixed for two or three campaigns, you cannot readjust everything at once. It would be very unfair. No one could foresee this situation. ” Menchn insists that the understanding should be global and not only with the institution cule: “It would not be right if only the Bara. The rules should not be a la carte. If you are flexible you have to be so with all entities “.

Messi is a round business for everyone

Messi supposes for him Barcelona a third of their income, since it has a strong impact on sponsorship contracts, marketing, ticketing … Ciria He estimates that for competition it implies a similar figure, between 20 and 30 percent. “The brand is not the same The league with Messi than without him, “says the finance expert. All the clubs are interrelated because there are joint negotiations with firms and companies that are willing to pay more money if the Argentine is in the competition, that’s why everyone wins with him.”Messi is the best soccer asset of The league. Not only does it improve Bara, upgrade all teams. The tournament has more potential with him, for example, it is not the same to sell television and image rights with him than without him. Everyone’s income also depends on him. ” Josep Fabra, also an economist.