Messi: Champion of flesh and blood

Messi Champion of flesh and blood

The papers are they invested in a Final. The discreet Messi off the pitch and tremendous inside her, this time modified the roles.

He wanted, needed, implored to win, and he achieved it even with his most mundane version at the Maracana, even being overshadowed by the other ’10’, his friend and ex-partner Neymar.

He led Argentina to the title game, leading practically all the statistics (goals, assists, dribbling, etc.), but against Brazil he was more warrior than crack.

A first time in which barely touched the ball and he was oblivious to Di María’s goal that ultimately meant the title … In the second he chose to beget in the Leader that so much is demanded of him and he even tried, without success, to fulfill defensive tasks.

He barely had a goal option in a play that began, and that after a pass of genius from Rodrigo de Paul, he could not conclude between a slip and that his legs did not respond to him. It was him perfect climax: in the last minutes the genius was able to sign the 2-0.

But the genius is imperfect, earthly, and finally, also champion. What a paradox, in the finals lost by Argentina under the baton of Leo, the captain gave authentic recitals that are only told in anecdote because he left empty-handed, and on occasion, even I quit to the selection.

16 days after celebrating his 34th birthday in full concentration, Messi received the gift that so much lusted: a trophy of weight (literal) defending the albiceleste shirt.

Your image down on my knees in midfield while bursting into crying and the whole team ran towards him, it perfectly sums up the desire he had to get rid of a cross that did not leave him alone.

Argentina wanted to be Champion, but above all else, Argentina wanted Messi to be champion. And the dream came true. It took a long time. And it cost more, but July 10 is already a historic date for the nation that saw it born. The 10 of the ’10’

The rest of the story told so far reveals a Messi of meat and bone. In the middle of the court he made a video call to his wife and children to share the glory and show them his medal.

Already in Argentina he had to run away of the fans when leaving Ezeiza, the albiceleste bunker before the Copa América, at the time it received the most anticipated hug and that went around the world … Antonela.

And how to be Messi it does not seem simple, in his house rosary beads finally with the whole family, he had the gesture of going out to the patio to attend to some kids that they did not stop singing to him.

Was left embrace, take pictures, handed out autographs and enjoyed every moment to the time of make happy to the little ones.

He is Messi, the Champion of America … a Messi of meat and bone.