Memo Ochoa cries after winning Bronze medal with Mexico | VIDEO

Memo Ochoa cries after winning Bronze medal with

Saitama Stadium, Japan /

This is the time when men cry and how not to do it when you can boast the rest of your life that you won one medal in olympic games. Emotions rallied in Jaime Lozano’s final speech after get Bronze and the goalkeeper, captain and reinforcement of the Mexican National Team, Guillermo Ochoa, broke down in tears of happiness.

With dark episodes in the Tricolor such as that 7-0 against Chile, his rude failure against North Korea – which many say cost him the starting position for South Africa 2010 – or the case of clenbuterol, Ochoa Magaña lived one of his sweetest moments with the national jersey, to which he has also given memorable afternoons, especially at the 2014 and 2018 World Cups.

As Jimmy gave his last words as coach of the Olympics, the cameras focused on Memo Ochoa, who visibly moved for getting the Tokyo 2020 Third Place she broke down, looked up at the sky and with her gloves she wiped away the tears that came back seconds later.

‘Are you leaving again, dad?’; the words that broke Ochoa

Shortly after the emotional moment with his teammates, the captain of the Olympic Selection shared that this achievement is for his family, particularly for his son, who “broke his heart” when he said goodbye because he knew that his father was leaving Mexico for many days.

“I wanted to bring him a medal, I did not want to return to my home in Mexico empty-handed, I wanted my family to carry the medal because it was a lot of sacrifice, a lot of effort, many days without rest. Before coming here I said goodbye to my children and my son told me: ‘Dad, again’, and it breaks your heart“, he told Clear Brand.

There are things that people and the press do not see. They don’t know about the bad meals we had, the trips, the problems at home. We are judged a lot, we have not stopped, being in the elite is not easy, it is demanded of us physically and especially mentally. We set out to be the last to leave, we succeeded and it is a medal that is for my family, I always try to do my best for my country every time I play. “