McGregor is the king of the business: 6 million euros per minute

Professional sports is one of the world markets that generates and moves the most money, and the big stars earn astronomical figures. So far nothing surprising or revealing. However, those numbers that include a few zeros and are more or less known are even more impressive thanks to the detailed study of the North American betting house ‘OLBG’ that has shelled, based on the profits and amount of the contracts to which Forbes has informational access, the amount per real minute of play or fight, not including training, in which each athlete has been immersed.

Definitely, the study sought to discern who earns the most money for every minute of competitive action (Boxing and MMA data are taken from bouts played from May 1, 2021 to the same date this year while team players correspond to the 2021/2022 calendar season of each sport)… and there is a winner: Conor McGregor. The 34-year-old Irish fighter has squeezed the five minutes of the fight he lost, and where he was seriously injured, against the American Dustin Poirier (07/10/2021 in Las Vegas) to be the leader in monetization since it increased its current account by 31 million euros… which means that it took a million for every nine seconds and 6,200,000 per minute.

‘Notorius’ reigns in this ranking with solvency ahead of two boxers who accompany him on the hypothetical podium: Canelo Álvarez and Tyson Fury. Both beat him outright in total earnings, but not in the sports action time it takes to make a million euros or the amount they pocket in sixty seconds. The 32-year-old Mexican took 80 million in 61 minutes boxing, which is equivalent to one million every 43 seconds and 1,310,000 per minute. For his part, the ‘Gypsy King’ won 56 million in 55 minutes; to 1,030,000 for every sixty seconds.

After the Top 4 for MMA or boxing athletes comes the domain of American football since with them the Top 10 earnings per minute of play with the player is completed. From there, athletes from more varied sports burst in with special relevance for soccer players and NBA players. Precisely, soccer players whose contracts are at the top of the world fall in the income per minute classification compared to boxing, MMA or the NFL. Even so, names like Neymar, Messi, Cristiano or Mbappé (even before signing his impressive renewal with PSG) are among the forty that earn the most per minute.


1. Conor McGregor (MMA) 31 5 9 sec. 6,200,000
2. Canelo Alvarez (boxing) 80 61 43 sec. 1,310,000
3. Tyson Fury (boxing) 56 55 59 sec. 1,030,000
Four. Jake Paul (boxing) 28 44 1:28 641,870
5. Ryan Ramczyk (NFL) 36.4 600 3:30 p.m. 60,720
6. Aaron Rodgers (NFL) 53.6 1,020 17:54 52,610
7. Matthew Stafford (NFL) 65.7 1,260 18:03 52,150
8. Josh Allen (NFL) 59.3 1,140 18:06 52,020
9. Kirk Cousins ​​(NFL) 43.3 960 20:52 45,110
10. Amary Cooper (NFL) 36.6 900 23:08 40,690
12. Klay Thompson (basketball) 35.7 941 12:46 p.m. 38,020
18. Neymar Jr. (soccer) 65.9 2,328 33:15 28,310
twenty. Tom Brady (NFL) 30.3 1,140 35:44 26,340
22. Leo Messi (soccer) 70.6 2,872 38:18 24,580
26. Stephen Curry (basketball) 43.1 2,211 48:17 19,150
28. LeBron James (basketball) 38.7 2,084 50:35 18,620
30. Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer) 56.4 3,220 53:40 17,540
37. Kylian Mbappe (soccer) 26.3 3,912 2:19:43 p.m. 6,740

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McGregor is the king of the business: 6 million euros per minute