Marcelo, a motivated captain

Marcelo a motivated captain

The Real Madrid faces a new preseason, but it is not one more for Marcelo (32). Two situations converge: first, that could be the last as a white player. The contract ends in 2022 and, for the moment, there have been no contacts for its renewal. The idea of ​​the club is still that Michael Gutierrez Y Mendy They are the left-back couple of the future, but they are willing for Marcelo, a club legend, to fulfill his contract. To this we must add that it will be his first season as captain of Madrid. The output of Bouquets leaves the bracelet, with all the responsibility that this entails. Although he does not start as a starter, his importance in the dressing room is capital, especially helping the youngest.

For all this, Marcelo has started the preseason more motivated than ever. Not only has he been seen with his now iconic smile in training, but he has physically returned from vacation in top form. The training carried out during his days off is paying off as he is showing in these first sessions. Aware that Pintus I was going to ‘crush’ them from the start, He maintained the exercise routine as he has shown on his social networks in recent weeks, enjoying paradisiacal beaches, but without missing your appointment at the gym.

Also in networks he has shared the first images of the preseason. He is seen on the field, both walking and playing, and he signs: “It is an honor to start my 16th season at Real Madrid and even more so as captain of the best team in the world“.” Season 2021/2022, begins now! “, He adds. Some homegrown players such as Miguel Gutiérrez and Victor Chust they commented on it, demonstrating their good relationship.

The relationship between Ancelotti and Marcelo is better than good. The Italian managed to get the best level of the side during his first stage. His job, with the help of Antonio Pintus, is to recover that destabilizing footballer who was key to the great achievements of Real Madrid in recent years. What has become clear is that Marcelo is doing his part.