Make room for Messi

ANDhe great objective that Laporta has set in the short term is that of Messi’s renewal. There are several factors that impede the continuity of the Argentine such as finance issues, late payments, a solid sports project and the reduction of the salary mass of the Barcelona team. And this is where the president and Mateu Alemany are working hard to get rid of players that the coach does not have.

This Sunday it was known the transfer of Trincao to Wolverhampton. There is no income for transfer transfers and the club will have to face the amortization of the transfer, but at least one of the chips of the first team is removed. In short, it will be announced the signing of Junior Firpo by Leeds. Here there will be a transfer price, it will be around 15 million, and the defense card will also be saved.

Laporta, on Messi’s future: “Leo wants to stay and we are looking for the best formula”

These two, however, are not the most worrying chips for the club. For this reason, the sports department has offered the letter of freedom to Pjanic and Umtiti, whose chips are between 16 and 18 million euros. This is a considerable reduction for the wage bill. At the moment, both have rejected the offer, but this summer they will leave Barcelona releasing almost 35 million euros. The club will have to assume the annual amortization of 15 million Pjanic, but with that they already counted because nobody will buy the Bosnian, they will be yielded. Umtiti is already amortized.

But the thing does not end here. To make room for Messi and fit his new contract, more casualties will have to be given. One of them is Coutinho. The Brazilian will release him only about 50 million for the salary mass between token and amortization. His departure is key, but it will be necessary to see if there is any team interested in buying him or his departure will be in the form of a transfer. Coutinho is coming out of an injury.

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There are other players who can also leave the club, but their chips are no longer so high. Braithwaite, Ale or Lenglet They could also go out, but the club’s savings would not be so great. One of the operations that will free up a lot of money will be the exit of Antoine Griezmann. It has a gross token of 40 million this season, which will go up even more in the next two years, to which we must add a depreciation of 24 million. You have to make room for Messi, but it is not easy.