Madrid ‘waits’ for United

With the departure of Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid consummated, the white club now awaits offers for Raphael Varane. Not because of a conviction of transferring to the French at all costs, since the initial intention was to renew his contract, a process that started a year ago, without fruit; the central agents did not respond to the first offers and finally made a counter offer with a huge salary increase that Madrid cannot face now, so the situation came to a halt, with Varane’s current contract ending in June 2022. This summer will be the last in which Madrid can obtain a transfer for the French and that is what he hopes.

Obviously, Madrid cannot go for the big clubs in Europe offering the transfer of Varane; that would automatically devalue its price. They hope in the white club that the representatives of Varane will arrive at the club with offers to leave this summer, for a value that is close to 50 million euros (the initial idea was 60 million, but Madrid understands that in times of crisis due to the coronavirus and with only one year of contract it is difficult to reach those amounts). And in particular there is a lot of faith in a team: Manchester United.

Several English media have been reporting United’s interest in Varane. The Mirror already did it a few days ago, and then it was The Athletic’s turn. It’s an old dream of the Old Trafford managers that is now closer than ever to coming true. In Madrid they are convinced that Varane would not have rejected the white offers if it were not because he has a suitor in the bedroom; it is understood that the European Championship prevents the movements from being streamlined, but the end of the tournament or the premature elimination of those of Deschamps they could speed up the negotiations.

Pogba and PSG, in the background

There is, of course, the option of barter between Varane and Pogba that this newspaper already reported days ago. An option that the player would very much like, wanting to leave Manchester to wear white, but which has a clear contraindication: Madrid needs to make cash with transfers to partially finance the Mbappé transfer operation, if the case comes and PSG is open to negotiate. Those 50 million would help a lot in that mission.

Precisely PSG is the other club from which Madrid expected movements on the issue of Varane. Al Khelaifi it is used to trying to incorporate all the young talent that it is capable of capturing, in its effort to give identity to the Parisian project, which is still seen in France as a foreign team based in Paris and built on foreign money. But the main bet right now for Madrid is United, whom the club awaits with open arms.