Lukaku accepts Chelsea’s ‘cursed’ number

New chapter in the history of Chelsea and new chapter with the number ‘9’. Despite being the number of the forward in any team, this number is quite superstitious for strikers who have played for Chelsea in recent years. Now it is the turn of Romelu lukaku, who will be the one who relieves Tammy Abraham with the nine behind him. The English striker has not been very fortunate and has not had enough minutes to show his abilities with Chelsea. You are now on the exit ramp.

Another forward who did not triumph at Stamford Bridge was Alvaro Morata, one of the most recent cases. Morata arrived from Real Madrid in 2018 for 80 million, being the most expensive signing at that time in the club’s history. Besides having the pressure of being the most expensive signing, he also had the extra pressure of what it meant to carry the 9 on his back. Morata managed to score several goals, but his level was rapidly declining and he lost the title.

Already in his second season, the Spanish forward managed to change his number for number 29, although it did not bring him much success either. That summer he would finish his time at Chelsea and he would go to Atlético de Madrid on loan.

Fernando Torres It was another Spaniard who came to Chelsea and did not succeed as expected. The boy came to London in 2011 after having made history at Liverpool, where he also had number 9, as well as at Chelsea. In this case, Torres He spent three and a half seasons at Chelsea without success and being a supporting actor. In 32 league games he scored only 6 goals, while in his last two seasons with the blues he scored 5 and 8 goals. After this, Chelsea decided to transfer it to Milan.

With Gonzalo Higuain more of the same happened. He arrived at the English club in January 2019 and his stage bottomed out that same summer that he was returned to Juventus. The Argentine played 18 games, three from the bench, and scored five goals. Of course, he won a Europa League with Chelsea.

Radamel Falcao nor could he avoid the curse of 9 in the English team. The tiger of Santa Marta he lived a season to forget, after his arrival from Monaco. It was difficult for the tiger to score his first goal that did not arrive until the fourth round of the league. The physical problems and the evolution of the season did not make him improve, so Falcao fulfilled his stage in London with two games and one goal.

That is the recent history of Chelsea. Many will speak of superstition, others of bad luck. The only thing that is certain is that Lukaku, one of the best strikers of the moment on the planet and second top scorer this season in Serie A behind Cristiano Ronaldo, will wear the 9 to try to change the course of the cursed history of the number.