Luis Enrique: “Only Villa and a certain Harry Kane improve Morata”


06/18/2021 –

Luis Enrique has taken the floor in a rugged press conference full of technical problems. The coach has given a long review of all the news of the selection.

Ferran’s phrase about Lewandowski

“I’m sorry, but have many doubts that I say that … If they say that it is because it must taste very good”

Lewandowski and Gerard’s 30 goals

“I am delighted with Gerard, of course, that’s why we called him. The best weapon to counteract a player of that level is that he receives the ball as little as possible. You have to defend them with help when they receive the ball.”

Mental work with Morata:

“It’s very good. The non-verbal language is very good. I see him perfect. Every week with lvaro we teach him things, but this week not even that. I stay with the training details and the smile he has working, the attitude … We have maximum confidence in Morata “.

The group:

“We are not going to speculate, but we really want to give joy to the fans and ourselves”

The departure of Ramos from Madrid:

“I am not going to answer that because it is not my role. Unfortunately the players get older, but I thank Sergio for the relationship that I have the greatest of luck. But on the eve of a game like the one we have I focus on the selection “.

Changes in the eleven:

“I am going to make a reflection. The coaches have information that the journalist and the fans do not have. I have said about lvaro so that he has confidence, yes, but because he does many important things for the team. I do not give anything away. With 41 matches, there is only one player who has scored more goals than Morata: Villa. Ral and Torres, to name a few emblematic ones, did not have as many goals. And in the rest of the teams, only one player has more goals than Morata in the first 40 matches: a certain Harry Kane. Neither Mbapp, nor Lewandwosky, nor Lukaku … “

The return of Busquets:

“He is a very important reinforcement for everyone, because he also has an important relevance in the field and he is the captain. He has trained alone at home, but the GPS he has brought shows that he is in perfect condition. Assess with my staff if he is. We include it in the list. But the good thing is that it has returned. “

Again the sound of the press conference is gone: Absolute chaos.

The system is giving problems in all the matches of the Eurocopa. Luis Enrique took it with good humor and laughs.

Gerard and Morata together

“We are a purely offensive team and the responsibility for the goal is not only for a single player. Regarding the goal, we have called up the four Spanish players with the most goals: Morata, Gerard, Ferran and Oyarzabal. From then on, everyone can play “

Message to the fans:

“I focus more on the applause, the fans in Seville are warm. And being Spanish and not being with the national team, I don’t understand it.”

The talks after the Sweden game:

“We want to repeat mechanisms of operation and occupying spaces. The area of ​​improvement is in being more precise in the final meters”

The csded:

“In principle the grass should be better. We appreciate the effort they have made and it will not be an excuse. It is not the best, but we accept it willingly.”