Losing their offensive coordinator would be a huge blow to the Cowboys and Dak Prescott.

With all due respect to Bill Belichick and his astonishing half a dozen Super Bowls won, but in New England the chicken or egg question has finally been answered:

Tom Brady was the first.

Belichick, second.

Something similar may be looming in Dallas.

It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that the Cowboys have gotten to the point of being very efficient this season with Dak Prescott playing the best football of his career.

How much of the Cowboys’ success is a product of Dak’s evolution?

And how much is from head coach Mike McCarthy and his staff?

One of these days, probably sooner than Cowboys fans would like, we’ll find out.

Troy Aikman mentioned the prospects this week on The Ticket radio station.

Aikman said Kellen Moore, the Cowboys offensive coordinator, will be very popular with other NFL teams after this season.

He was interviewed for the Philadelphia Eagles head coach position after last season.

After this season, Moore could maybe do the Vikings or Bears rounds or certainly the Raiders now that Jon Gruden managed to offend a large chunk of humanity.

Moore will get interviews for head coach jobs.

Finding a successor for Moore would be problematic for Dallas.

He is in his fourth season as Prescott’s tutor and they have grown a lot together.

Prescott has gone from being a crude and fundamentally suspect college quarterback to one of the league’s top 10 and MVP candidate.

The Cowboys helped tremendously along the way by surrounding him with impact players.

Still, Dak more than delivered on his end of the bargain.

We may one day know what comes first to the question about the Cowboys coach or quarterback.

Until then, Prescott and Moore are sure to be a successful couple.