Los Angeles Chargers figure fined $ 28,917 by the NFL


The Los Angeles Chargers beat the Las Vegas Raiders in week 4 of the 2021 NFL, but their best defensive player was punished with a fine for a situation in the game.

Joey Bosa.


© Getty ImagesJoey Bosa.

This Monday the Monday Night Football of week 4 of season 2021 of the NFL Come in Las vegas raiders, undefeated so far, and Los Angeles Chargers, who ended up beating their rivals 28-14 in a game that left one of the best players on the Californian team very angry.

During the meeting, Joey bosa He was instrumental in the defense of the Chargers. The defensive end is one of the best quarterback hunters in the entire league and he proved it again against Derek Carr. He had a sack that also resulted in a fumble from the QB.

But, in addition to good plays, the defender had a run-in with the game judges due to a play where a clearing is seen holding against him that the referees omitted. Given this, Bosa complained inappropriately and received a punishment. After the game, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the refereeing at the press conference, and he must certainly be even angrier today.

Joey Bosa fined $ 28,917

It turns out that, after his outburst before the officers, the NFL decided to fine him $ 28,917 for unsportsmanlike conduct. The punishment he received during the game was a 15-yard handkerchief for the Raiders, and it can also be understood that the fine is in part for his post-game talk.

+ The play that they did not charge

“The judges are blind, simple. Sorry, but you’re blind, open your eyes and do your job. It’s so bad it’s unbelievable”, said Bosa very angry. “I should never have lost my temper like that, but These guys have to do a better job because it’s been years of bad billing. It’s really pathetic. But pathetic of me also for what I did. Missing or not missing I have to step back and continue playing, but, man, it seems like they don’t have their eyes open half the time “, Joey finished.

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