Little media players who had a ‘second wind’ playing for America

Mario Osuna seeks to boost his career with the Eagles, following in the footsteps of other Mexicans who triumphed at the club despite not having high expectations

With the arrival of Mario Osuna to the America, before the casualties due to injury of Leo Suárez and Santiago Naveda, in ESPN Digital we remember the little media Mexican elements that had a ‘second wind’ playing for Eagles.

r897199 371x556 2 3 After a step through Cougars, Monterrey and Tijuana, the University youth squad did not enter into plans for the Clausura 2020, so, before the injury of Bruno valdez, America determined to sign him to occupy the loss of the Paraguayan defender. Currently, the 34-year-old defender has established himself as one of the most regular players on the Azulcrema team, adding 2,552 minutes in the last three tournaments.

r710027 692x1039 2 3 After concluding with his stage in the Atalanta from Italy, the Mexican side arrived at America with many doubts after his little activity in the A series, so with a complicated start in the media being highly criticized, he overcame his bad moment and became team captain and an icon of the azulcrema team to obtain two league titles (2013 and 2014).

r570290 207x310 2 3 Medina had two stages in the America, after a poor performance in 2008 he was loaned to Monterrey and saint Louis, so when he did not find regularity, he returned to America, so that despite being considered a transferable element, the youth squad of the Atlas He remained in the azulcrema team and became a fundamental piece of Miguel Herrera’s team to obtain the title of the Clausura 2013 tournament.

r710064 649x973 2 3Considered a player to watch, but with very few reflections, coming from Tigers the ‘LinebackerMolina arrived at America in 2011, so with the capital team that took off its career after being key to obtaining two titles of League in the Clausura 2013 and Apertura 2014 Tournament.

r897201 413x620 2 3After descending with the Atlante In the Clausura 2014 Tournament, the midfielder had a second chance with the AmericaTherefore, with very few reflectors, in his passage with the azulcrema box he won three titles, after obtaining the League championship in the 2014 Apertura Tournament, in addition to being proclaimed champion on two occasions of the Concacaf Champions League in 2015 and 2016.

r665444 250x376 2 3 At the request of Miguel Herrera, the Mexican goalkeeper arrived at the team America, being highly criticized after some fans did not consider him as a goalkeeper for the azulcrema team, however, he became an icon of the club, after scoring an agonizing goal in the Final of the Clausura 2013 Tournament in view of Blue Cross.

With America, Muñoz got two titles in the MX League (Clausura 2013 and Apertura 2014) in addition to two championships of the Concacaf Champions League in (2015 and 2016) so with his good performances he became one of the benchmarks of the Eagles in recent years.