Lionel Messi has the record of presences and is the historical scorer of the Argentine National Team

Lionel messi He was already the historical scorer of the Argentina Selection (now with 75 points) and against Bolivia he also got the record of presences in the Albiceleste.

With his ownership at the close of the group stage of the America Cup, The flea reached 148 games and surpassed the mark of Javier Mascherano. In that match, he also added a double and an assist.

Since his debut with the Major in 2005, in the friendly in which he was quickly sent off against Hungary, Messi was transforming into the top figure of the team and a fixed in each of the calls.

In addition, he is the top scorer for the Albiceleste (75 goals), accumulates 44 assists with the blue and white (he gave the pass to Papu Gómez for the 1-0 against Bolivia) and was consecrated in the 2005 U-20 World Cup and in the 2008 Olympics.