Lionel Messi and what generates the Argentine’s possible debut with PSG in Ligue 1

If all goes well, according to coach Mauricio Pochettino’s plan, must debut on Sunday with the jersey of against Reims. This game will be historic because it will be the first of the crack outside of Barcelona. He is also one of the most anticipated by fans, who have done everything to get a ticket.

Thus, the fans sold out the 20,546 tickets that began to be sold since Barcelona announced that the Argentine will not continue in the club and, by then, it already sounded like a potential signing for ‘Les Parisiens’. Then, the sold out is assured in the Auguste-Delaune II to see the first touches of ball of Leo Messi in the French league.

The last weekend before Messi’s officialization we sold as many tickets (6,000) in four days as in three weeks, detailed Alexandre Jeannin, in charge of ticket sales in Reims, in a conversation with the local newspaper L’Equipe.

“For matches against Paris Saint Germain or Marseille we usually sell out the tickets in the same week of the match. This time it was different “added Jeannin and even commented that there were requests that arrived from outside France.

From Chile, South Korea, Thailand, India and Egypt. It is quite a noveltyadded the man from Reims about the localities that cost between 35 and 100 euros. However, resellers are doing their thing because on the Internet those same tickets now have a value between 400 and 1000 euros.

And the press?

The expectation to cover Messi’s debut with PSG has caused the mark of more accreditations for a game to be broken. Alexandre Audabram, a member of the UJSF (Union of Sports Journalists of France), revealed that he has received a total of 122 letters -with photographers included- for the weekend’s match.

That number exceeds the 113 that journalists asked to be in David Beckham’s third game with PSG. There is one more detail: they are still receiving requests, so the number will increase in the following hours until before the duel.

“The record for journalists for a match in Reims was reached on March 2, 2013. Beckham was playing his third match for PSG and there was also Ibrahimovic. That day there were 113 total, with the photographers “, declared Audabram, who must solve the space problem because in the colossus there are only 78 places for the press.

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