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Competitive and surprising. This has been the beginning of the season 2021 of the NFL and for example, a button: 25 of the 32 teams have at least one win, which represents the second highest number of franchises with a win up to the Week 2 of history.

Yes, only in the 2012 campaign there were more teams (26) with one or more victories at this point. Therefore, although the 2021 season is very young, there are only seven left equipment without losing.

Is in the American Conference where the balance of forces is better appreciated, since there are only two teams left undefeated And these are not the Chiefs, Bills, Steelers or Ravens favorites, but the Raiders and Denver Broncos.

Among them, the case of the team of Las Vegas, because their victories have been just before Baltimore and Pittsburgh, teams projected to reach and transcend in Playoffs; However, despite the sounded of their victories, the Raiders are not trusting.

It is not the first time that the figure of the team, the quarterback Derek Carr, has seen other 2-0 starts turned into disappointing seasons. The Raiders started with this brand for the third time in five years, but did not finish with a winning record in 2017 and 2020.

“You celebrate wins because they’re hard to come by,” Carr admitted after a 26-17 win at Pittsburgh on Sunday. “But you need to go back to work for the next one. It won’t be a sad trip home, but at the end of the day, it’s time to move on. “

Also, the coach Jon gruden he knows his team needs to do more to get back into the playoffs for the first time since 2016. “We need big plays. The quarterback he is playing very well, we need to improve the rushing game. It is still very early ”.

In turn, Denver, with Teddy Bridgewater as quarterback and with a defensive of respect, have realized the NY Giants and of Jacksonville, two teams that do not have great aspirations this year. The real test will come until Week 4, when they host Baltimore, and then they will play the Steelers and Raiders. This Sunday, against the Jets, the third victory would fall.

Raiders and Broncos share the leadership of the AFC West, a sector that has dominated in recent years the Kansas city chiefs, who lost Monday in a great game to the Ravens. A fumble deprived them of attempting the winning field goal and they fell 36-35.

In the NFC, the champion rules, a surprise and the ‘Wild West’

Hand in hand with Tom Brady, who threw five touchdown passes on Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers They are at the top of the South of the National Conference and they look better than ever to defend their title. It is normal; However, it is not that they share leadership with the Carolina panthers.

That’s right, Carolina is one of the five NFC teams that is 2-0 in the 2021 Season thanks to last Sunday defeating the New Orleans Saints, who in Week 1 had overwhelmed the Green bay packers.

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Tomorrow, the Panthers will meet the Houston Texans, so the third victory could come before facing the Dallas cowboys to prove what they are made of. Tampa Bay, meanwhile, will visit the Los Angeles Rams in an undefeated duel, in what will be a reserved forecast game.

In case The Angels give an account of the “Bucs” and Carolina wins, next Monday, the Panthers they could be as divisional leaders to confirm a major surprise.

And along with Rams, in the West of the National Conference, they are also with a 2-0 record Arizona and San Francisco to establish itself as the strongest sector so far. The Cardinals are aiming to win their third game this Sunday against Jacksonville, while the 49ers will meet in a great duel against Green Bay.

Thus, at the end of Week 3, there could be only five undefeated in a game. season 2021, which is the first since 2018 to have had an overtime game in each of the two weeks.

Yes, a very competitive NFL.

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