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This is the analysis with what was learned in the lessons of week 9 of the NFL Season 2021. NOTE: This article will be updated after the game on Monday night.

IND 45, NYJ 30

1. Jonathan Taylor is already one of the most dominant running backs in the NFL, and right now most teams can’t figure out how he lasted until the second round of the Draft. He’s extremely versatile, powerful, and one of the fastest players in the NFL.

2. The only question remains whether the Jets have a better QB in Mike White than in Zach Wilson. I do not believe it yet, but the doubt is planted.

CLE 41, CIN 16

3. Perfect game plan for Kevin Stefanski. He’s definitely a great head coach, and it showed today.

4. In all the good that Joe Burrow looks like as a quarterback, he’s still a fairly inexperienced player, and it showed today.

DEN 30, DAL 16

5. It’s a good time for a loss like this for the Cowboys. They are not going to get into trouble in the division, and they still have everything under control. Sometimes teams need these “slaps” to wake up. Remember that good teams improve more after defeats than after victories.

6. When Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton are on the court, the Broncos are a different team. These two players complement each other too well: one is extremely technical, finding the gaps in any coverage, running perfect routes taking advantage of the movements of his rivals. The other is a prototypical number one receiver: physical, fast, powerful, strong.

MIA 17, HOU 9

7. The Dolphins won because the Texans are worse than they are, not because they are good. So much so, that there is no statistic that really stands out for Miami. If anything, Jalen Waddle, who had 83 yards on 8 receptions. He is an extremely talented WR; with a competent QB it will look great.

8. I really thought that with Tyrod Taylor the Texans offense was going to look a little more capable; it was not the case. The most consistent player on this offense remains Brandin Cooks, by far.

ATL 27, NO 25

9. Impressive that the Falcons let go of ANOTHER lead in the fourth quarter: I don’t really understand what happens to this team when the game is in the balance. In the end they got the result, but the change of head coach has not been enough to change this problem, which is clearly mental.

10. I never understood why Sean Payton started with Trevor Siemian in the first place, if he has never proven to be a competent QB, and at least Taysom Hill knows his system and has been able to win games with him. I guess it will become his QB from here on.

NYG 23, LV 16

11. It was obvious to me that this game was going to cost the Raiders work. With big locker room distractions, however, one wonders how far the gas tank will go with this interim head coach.

12. I don’t know what to make of this Giants team. It is a very badly coached team because its level fluctuations are too obvious. It is clear that they have the level, because many times they give bright flashes, but more often than not they play badly than they play well.

NE 24, CAR 6

13. How long will Sam Darnold last in the NFL?

14. When are we going to start giving Mac Jones and Bill Belichick credit? Yes it will be small teams that he is beating, however they have fought big teams, plus I am sure that they plan to compete until 2022.

JAX 9, BUF 6

15. Simply the worst game we have seen Josh Allen as a professional.

16. This type of thing only happens in the NFL: congratulations to the brave man in the world, if there is one, who predicted the victory of one of the three worst teams in the NFL, badly badly coached and with a rookie QB, against a of the best defenses, best head coaches and best quarterbacks in the NFL.

BAL 34, MIN 31 (OT)

17. One thing the Ravens have is that they are tireless. I don’t think as a roster they are the same team as in other years due to injuries. For now, between the great leader that is Lamar Jackson, and the work that John Harbaugh does, they remain competitive in almost every game they play.

18. Big teams against small teams: with a 14-point lead in the third quarter you must win every time. There I do have to criticize Mike Zimmer, because it is his responsibility more than anything.

LAC 27, PHI 24

19. The Chargers’ group of receivers is much more versatile than they demonstrated this Sunday: Twelve receptions for Keenan Allen and only four for the next receiver? I think this team knows they have to spread the ball more to dominate on offense.

20. The Eagles finally realized that they shouldn’t expose their inexperienced quarterback. Without a doubt, that has made them a more efficient offense, and therefore they have been able to compete more than before.

KC 13, GB 7

21. I really don’t understand what about the Chiefs in general. It’s good that they are getting the games out, but when have we previously seen such a talented team that, in addition, executed with that talent, falling like this, down a cliff, in terms of playing level? I don’t remember any. And for now, I also don’t see how they can react to return to being last year’s team.

22. It is clear why the Packers begged Aaron Rodgers after the soap opera: Jordan Love is not capable of carrying an offense in this league. Maybe he still lacks development, but this quarterback is running out of time.

ARI 31, SF 17

23. Kliff Kingsbury has to be given a lot of credit: what a master plan he came up with against the 49ers, it was perfect. In addition, he keeps his team motivated regardless of injuries, at bay and with all the “role players” getting the most out of the headlines.

24. Now what pretext is Kyle Shanahan going to look for? Their starting quarterback had a great game, and yet they still can’t get these important games out, and they haven’t won at home for more than a year. Is awesome.

TEN 28, LAR 16

25. Speaking of great head coaches, what about Mike Vrabel? His defense HAS NOT THAT MUCH TALENT, and yet he made the Rams offense look like a medium hair. And without Derrick Henry, Vrabel and his team didn’t care and were still victorious. Magnificent.

26. I still think that the Rams are the best and most complete team in the NFL. Sean McVay can lift these players from a loss like that, I have no doubt.

This is the analysis with what was learned in the lessons of week 9 of the NFL Season 2021. What would be your notes? We read you in the comments under this article and on our social networks.

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Lessons of Week 9 NFL 2021 – What a coach is Mike Vrabel | Here come the Pats