Lessons of Week 8 NFL 2021 – Darrell Henderson grows | The Vikings wasted

This is the analysis with what was learned in the lessons of week 8 of the NFL Season 2021. NOTE: This article will be updated after the game on Monday night.

GB 24, ARI 21

1. Although a great, great WR1 like Adams is extremely important to a team, it is not everything. If you have a QB like Rodgers, you can win multiple games with third or fourth line receivers.

2. Kliff Kingsbury’s decisions: when your QB carries a highly efficient game through the air, and you decide to run the ball 2 times in a row when the game clock is running out, in the opponent’s “red zone”. Great nonsense.

CAR 19, ATL 13

3. The note in this game is that Calvin Ridley decided to retire, at least temporarily, from the NFL. For me, whenever such a talented and spectacular player walks away from the NFL, it is sad, but if it is the best thing for his mental health, of course it is to be applauded.

4. Not much to note for the Panthers: Darnold didn’t play well again, the running game wasn’t efficient, and his good offensive weapons really weren’t put to good use. This match took him off the defensive line again.

BUF 26, MIA 11

5. The Bills were not really 100%, very hesitant, the game plan was not clean or efficient, the pass-rush intermittent and, even so, they won by 15 points. That confirms again that they are a great, great team.

6. Bad and bad for the Dolphins, and worse this game to take another step forward. Outstanding only DeVante Parker, who if it weren’t for his injuries, would confirm that he is a very good player. 85 yards on 8 receptions.

SF 33, CHI 22

7. With everything and the victory, the 49ers continue to have many defensive problems and commit many penalties. His tackles are anything but safe, the opposing running game gets too successful and deconcentration is the order of the day. Demeco Ryans has a lot of adjustments left to make. Good match for Jimmy Garoppolo.

8. I could see Justin Fields more decisive and accurate when pitching (it was not difficult to overcome what he had done in the year), even when visualizing the running lanes. This is a process, and almost any newbie is going to take time to look good and harness their talents.

PIT 15, CLE 10

9. The Tomlin Rah-Rah moment it was coming against some Browns who still don’t believe it when it comes to being a big and competitive team. In addition, it is noted that Baker Mayfield is still injured; I don’t know if it would have been a better option to continue with Case Keenum.

10. Any game that Pittsburgh is going to potentially win is going to win that way. Ugly, tough, hard and fought victory. I don’t see any other way they can win games.

PHI 44, DET 6

11. I thought the Lions were going to continue this trend of playing close games based on effort; clearly not the case. It is extremely difficult to evaluate these franchises that have no talent, and that go directly to a TOP 3 pick.

12. If what Jalen Hurts does best is running, he has to keep doing it, there is no doubt. 71 yards on 7 carries: few.

TEN 34, IND 31 (OT)

13. Great game, which really could have been for anyone, but one thing is clear here: the Titans are extremely well trained. They do not stop giving all their effort throughout the game, and the decisions of clock management and important situations in the game are regularly good, as well as the adjustments: let’s remember that they were losing this game 14-0.

14. Michael Pittman is becoming a great # 1 little by little. He is dominant at the point of attack of the ball, knows where to look for it up, is physical and strong, and fast enough to be a threat on long passes.

NYJ 34, CIN 31

15. Big surprise, and while I’m not saying the Jets didn’t deserve the win, there are several adjustments the NFL has to make to the rules. On a crucial play of the game, a defensive player goes for a tackle behind the first and ten, and the receiver lowers his helmet so much that it makes contact with the defender’s, and they score unnecessary rudeness. It’s a joke that a catcher who is practically aiming at the catcher’s feet and with a clearly clean tackle is punished for that.

16. If we were waiting for Zach Taylor to throw a game overboard, we don’t have to wait any longer. The call of plays, clock management and adjustments towards the end of the game were terrifying.

LAR 38, HOU 22

17. When Darrell Henderson runs efficiently, the Rams are very likely to come out with a win, because McVay’s playbook is fully open. Let’s remember when Todd Gurley was one of the best running backs in the league; the offense was powerful. Henderson doesn’t quite reach Gurley’s level, but his efficiency will always help.

18. My respects to Brandin Cooks, who is an underrated player. On every team he’s been on, he’s put up decent numbers, with all kinds of quarterbacks. In this game, another good game, with 6 receptions, 83 yards and a touchdown: applause.

NO 36, TB 27

19. Dennis Allen’s work was remarkable in this game. He drew a near-perfect outline to make Tom Brady’s life difficult, and we know how difficult that is. Still, it’s still hilarious that a Brady “bad game” includes 375 passing yards.

20. We will see what the Saints are going to do with the QB position, because they will surely be looking for options. Cam Newton? We will see.

NE 27, LAC 24

21. I had already said it: a well-trained team shows, especially when it is not the best roster in terms of talent, but you still see how they improve every week. It’s definitely the case with the Pats: more credit to Bill Belichick.

22.-This defeat speaks more of Brandon Staley than of the Chargers team. Good head coaches are known to use the bye week to better prepare for the games that come on the schedule. It was not the case.

SEA 31, JAX 7

23. This win doesn’t tell me much about the Seahawks, because it’s still a very bad roster without Russell Wilson. He tells me more about Pete Carroll, scoring victories that he “should have” on the calendar.

24. This is the development of a rookie quarterback, especially with such a poor roster around him: two steps forward, one step back. No way, Trevor Lawrence: it’s time to get up and keep studying and practicing. It’s really a shame that he had to start his career with a coach who is not ready (and maybe never will be) for the NFL.

DEN 17, WAS 10

25. Same case for Washington: multiple chances to score, all wasted. It is one of the worst teams in the red zone that I have seen in recent years. I have no doubt that the offensive coordinator will lose his job soon.

26. The Broncos are going to send Von Miller to the Rams. With everything and the victory, is it a sign that GM is giving up this 2021?

DAL 20, MIN 16

27. One of the most important signs of a contending team: they find ways to win even if everything is not perfect. The Cowboys are already in this category.

28. This type of opportunity cannot be let go by any team. Cooper Rush is an average (or possibly below average) backup. Bad effort from Mike Zimmer and company.

This is the analysis with what was learned in the lessons of week 8 of the NFL Season 2021. What would be your notes? We read you in the comments under this article and on our social networks.

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Lessons of Week 8 NFL 2021 – Darrell Henderson grows | The Vikings wasted