Lessons of Week 5 NFL 2021 – Bills “October Champions” | Ugly Pats game

This is the analysis with what was learned in the lessons of week 5 of the NFL Season 2021. NOTE: This article will be updated after the game on Monday night.

LAR 26, SEA 17

1. In that NFC West, with a mediocre backup quarterback and a below-average roster, the Seahawks are out of contention. Russell Wilson will miss a month and a half to two months.

2. It wasn’t pretty for LA, but they got the game out, which is what contending teams have to do: win in all kinds of games and in many ways. The receiver group of these Rams stands out, which is extremely dynamic, versatile and complete.

ATL 27, NYJ 20

3. The Falcons, even though they dominated this game, were close to making it difficult for them, as they usually do. The important thing to highlight is that key players on this team are becoming familiar with the new culture and the new system. The best example is Kyle Pitts, who finally stood out, using his athletic ability to win balls from his defenders. He is fast, skillful and dominant.

4. Hard to think the Jets can do much this year. What we have to review is that game by game they improve, and that they play hard each snap. I still don’t see that.

GB 25, CIN 22 (OT)

5. It’s clear: the Bengals are a little better than we thought. Joe Burrow looks extremely comfortable on that offense and with those receivers, and the offensive line is playing better. Although coaching is always going to be key to winning these games, and Zach Taylor is among the worst in the NFL.

6. In my opinion, one of the worst problems for the Packers remains on the surface: They don’t have a consistent weapon as a # 2 catcher. Yes, for something Davante Adams has a bad game, the Packers offense does not look the same.

MIN 19, DET 17

7. I think Kirk Cousins ​​is grossly underrated in this league. I am not going to tell you that he is an elite QB, but he is very stable and knows how to take advantage of his receivers. As long as you give him time to pitch, he can win the game.

8. The Lions are unlikely to achieve much with that collection of talent. They were already extremely poor when the season started, and now the injuries are affecting them. Worse.

PIT 27, DEN 19

9. First time this year the Steelers offense was not completely broken. The key to them looking decent was Najee Harris, who averaged 5.3 yards per carry and amassed 122 yards rushing. Difficult task with that offensive line and against the Broncos defense.

10. Little by little they are going to give more the ball to Javonte Williams than to Melvin Gordon. It is obvious that he is faster and more dynamic, has better lateral movement and attacks the gap better. Not for nothing Gordon averaged 3.8 yards per carry and Williams 7.6.

TB 45, MIA 17

11. The Dolphins have, on paper, excellent defense, but clearly they are continually tired from so much time on the field. This equipment is not designed for that, plus they lack a pass rusher make a difference.

12. Tom Brady, unsurprisingly, remains highly motivated and never stops stepping on the gas. As he recovers injured defensively, this team will get hotter and hotter looking into December and January. If this team plays like this right now: who is going to stop them in the playoffs?

NO 33, WSH 22

13. Does anyone understand what happens to the defense of Washington? At least not me. He has talent, the coach has it …

14. The Saints are clearly a very well-coached team, with no surprises. Sean Payton continues to show that he is a great head coach. Win these games with ingenuity, experience and skill, because you tell me: which players besides Alvin Kamara are stars in that offense?

PHI 21, CAR 18

15. The Eagles were inoperative for three quarters, the thing is that the Panthers never took their chances. Sam Darnold had a flashback to his days with the Jets.

16. I’m not going to say that Miles Sanders is a great runner by any means, but I do think they are underusing him. Nine carries among all Eagles running backs? Really? I have to criticize Nick Sirianni’s game plan, victory and all.

TEN 37, JAX 19

17. We couldn’t expect much from these Jaguars with so many locker room problems. It will only remain to be seen if Urban Meyer will be able to regain confidence little by little or not, but it looks extremely complicated. I think it is more outside than inside.

18. It’s hard for the Titans to lose a game when Henry gets more than 100 yards (130 this time). In this way they control almost all aspects of the game, and this is limited to what they want and need.

NE 25, HOU 22

19. I have a hard time accepting that Bill Belichick struggles so hard to win these kinds of games, and against a rookie quarterback! I understand a lot about what happens to the Pats, but I don’t understand Davis Mills scoring 3 TDs and more than 300 yards through the air. Unacceptable.

20. There is not much to learn from these Texans, only that they have to keep playing with this rookie to continue giving him experience, and to see if it will be worth it for the future. The first step, you’ve already taken.

CHI 20, LV 9

twenty-one. It’s because of these kinds of games that I don’t trust Jon Gruden. You’re playing Bears with a rookie low center and no Khalil Mack or Montgomery, among others. And they really didn’t even put their hands up. I feel like that dressing room is getting out of hand for the veteran head coach.

22. I’m surprised Allen Robinson isn’t more involved in the Bears’ game plans. He is a perfect complement for a novice, because he runs perfect routes and has excellent hands, as well as having a very wide range to catch passes.

LAC 47, CLE 42

23. It looks like the Herbert-Williams combination will be one that will pay off many years into the future. They are learning to use it not only on long passes, as before, but on short and medium routes. In addition, they are knowing how to take advantage of their size near the touchdown zone.

24. Good game by Baker Mayfield, showing that he can be on par in a shoot out. Too bad this time his defense failed at the key moment, but it is certainly a step forward for him.

DAL 44, NYG 20

25. This is a step forward in understanding why the Giants took Kadarius Toney so early in the draft. At least in this game, we saw an extremely fast player, who understands the professional game and has skill in catching circences.

26. This Dallas team keeps shutting up, and now it’s my turn to talk about their offense. I see clearly the role of leader of Dak Prescott, and it comes naturally to him. But now they are a balanced offense, and that causes defenses to always be uneasy. See versatility: they can play short and kill you with little walks, or they can lengthen the field and blast you with explosiveness.

ARI 17, SF 10

27. Clearly Trey Lance is not ready. He looks nervous, hesitant and loses his patience very quickly. That said, he clearly has flashes of great talent. You need time and experience.

28. Something that I say a lot and that the Cardinals lacked: winning in various ways. This time they won an ugly and tough match; strong and with a bad game from his quarterback. No way, it’s time to give credit to Cliff Kingsbury.

BUF 38, KC 20

29. Now we realize that the gaps are very wide for the Chiefs roster. If Mahomes has a bad game, which is rare, they can be seen as one of the worst teams in the NFL. But this time, not only Mahomes had a bad game: the offensive line, his receivers, and well: his defense did not give one. Andy Reid has to put a Be quiet: need changes.

30. Not much discussion, the Bills are what we thought: one of the best teams in the NFL, if not the best. That being said, it is October. We know that the best teams actually have to keep up this pace during November, December, and obviously January.

This is the analysis with what was learned in the lessons of week 5 of the NFL Season 2021. What would be your notes? We read you in the comments under this article and on our social networks.