Lessons of Week 10 NFL 2021 – The Patriots are playing better and better | Dan Quinn and Joe Barry lecture defensively

This is the analysis with what was learned in the lessons of week 10 of the NFL Season 2021. NOTE: This article will be updated after the game on Monday night.

This is the analysis with what was learned in the lessons of week 10 of the NFL Season 2021. What would be your notes? We read you in the comments under this article and on our social networks.

MIA 22, BAL 10

1- I’m not going to defend the Ravens or Lamar Jackson, but they had to lose a game that they “had to win”. They had been very lucky and here John Harbrough’s game plan completely failed, and Lamar failed to exploit all the spaces left by the defense because of the pressure.
2.- Excellent defensive and offensive game plan by Brian Flores. From the outset, that “look” that Lamar got from 5-6 players glued to the scrimmage line, was a success. On offense, obviously the decision to go with Tua was successful.

DET 16, PIT 16 (OT)

3.- If it is true that Big Ben no longer contributes in terms of substantial production to the offense, his leadership was undoubtedly missed.
4.- At least the Lions are no longer going 0-17. Let’s look at the bright side.

DAL 43, ATL 3

5.- The Falcons did not show up. Although Dan Quinn’s defensive plan was great, we never saw an adjustment from Arthur Smith. I know their weapons are limited, but if you try the same thing 10 times and it doesn’t work out, I don’t understand why you would try it a tenth time.
6.- Dan Quinn was the MVP of that game: Matt Ryan simply did not see where, with everything and that he is a veteran QB who knows almost all of them. Tricks, different views, blitzes at key moments, etc.

TEN 23, NO 21

7.- 6 games won in a row for the Titans, impressive: this is not to mention that today Derrick Henry, Julio Jones, and AJ Brown did not have a great game obviously. What Mike Vrabel is doing is already on another level. Not to mention Ryan Tannehill’s level: he’s a
very good quarterback in the NFL.
8.- The defense played well, but they lacked to excel in key moments of the game. The good news is that the division is still within reach.

IND 23, JAX 17

9.- Difficult and fought game for the Colts, but well done. These divisional games can get tough a lot, but the Reich Colts are on a great path and still on an upward trajectory. They just need the defense to keep improving.
10.- I know they lost the game, but I’m not sure the Jaguars’ goal is to win games left and right. Without a doubt they continue to improve week by week, and that is the important thing: to see them improve and that they continue to leave everything on the field.

NE 45, CLE 7

11.- New England’s direction is impressive, and not only because of this type of forceful victories, but now they have already beaten a real team, and they play better every week, especially Mac Jones.
12.- This Browns franchise has a hard time being “big”, or maybe it never can be. The team has a great roster, a great head coach, and even so when they have such important games in dispute, they lose.

BUF 45, NYJ 17

13.- It’s funny, because although the Bills show us to some extent that last week was a small setback, this victory doesn’t show me much: I have to see them beat a contending team.
14.- Another lost year for the Jets: although I think there is more talent than in other bad teams (like the Lions, for example), I find it difficult for them to lift. No way, they need Zach Wilson under center: he was their investment and their bet.

WSH 29, TB 19

15.- I don’t think I’ve ever seen Tom Brady play so badly in my life after a bye week and against a bad team. I’ll leave it at that.
16.- This is how bad the NFC is: at this moment WFT would be only two games away from being in the playoffs.

CAR 34, ARI 10

17. I said it: the X factor for this game was Carolina’s defense, which is one of the top 10 in the NFL. Speaking of surprises, today the Panthers would be qualified for the playoffs, and leaving Sam Darnold on the bench could be the best thing that ever happened to them.
18.- It was difficult to think that no matter how good the Cardinals were against the 49ers, they were going to compete for two consecutive weeks with their backup QB, which in itself is bad enough, and without their best receiver. The NFL adjusts; and fast.

MIN 27, LAC 20

19.- What are we going to start questioning about the Chargers? Your head coach? Your lack of creativity? His ground defense? Because clearly his quarterback and his receiving / running back group is not the problem.

20 .- One thing is clear: when Cook has a good game, the Vikings increase their chances of winning exponentially. Make life easier for that great running back and you’ll win more games.

PHI 30, DEN 13

21.- I said it: Philadelphia found its formula. I’m not going to put them in the “good team” rankings, but they can win games in this league that way: decent defense and versatile running game, taking pressure off their inexperienced quarterback who certainly has talent.
22.- These Broncos are not a bad team, they just need a few pieces and another head coach. Vic Fangio is a great defensive coordinator, but he hasn’t proven he can manage a team.

GB 17, SEA 0

23.- One of the best coaches that there has been this year is not a head coach, he is the defensive coordinator of the Packers, Joe Barry. I know there is talent on that defense, but they’ve suffered injuries and don’t really have more than two or three headliners as talent. A large part of its success has been schema. Impressive.
24.- I think the Seahawks made a mistake by returning Wilson so early from his finger injury. It clearly didn’t look good, confidently. Hopefully you can improve your health and your confidence in half a week.

KC 41, LV 14

25.- Did the Chiefs we know come back? I don’t know, but the sure thing is that this is a big step towards it. I’d like to see them again against a dominant pass-rush to make sure.
26.- Clearly these Raiders do not have punch. Too many problems in the dressing room, there is no motivation. If anyone has to do something, it is Derek Carr. He is the leader of this team, he has to show that they still have the talent to win. The good news is that we still
they are not out of contention.

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Lessons of Week 10 NFL 2021 – The Patriots are playing better and better | Dan Quinn and Joe Barry lecture defensively