Legendary teams in sports history

revolutionariesfull of great players or ideas that changed their disciplines, had something special that made them not only stand out for their championships, but also They left a paw print indelible in the history of world sport. These are unrepeatable, magical and even mythical clubs that will hardly be applauded as the years go by, of which a brief recount of some of them is made immediately.

The Barcelona of the Sextet

Pep Guardiola broke into the bench of the Barcelona to shape a team that even made us forget the so-called Dream Team that Johan Cruyff had led in the 90s, which was capable of win everything for which he competed, the so-called “sextet”, a unique milestone in Spanish football and only replicated by Bayern Munich at a European level.

The Copa del Rey, La Liga, the Champions League, the Spanish Super Cup, the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup were won throughout 2009 with a soccer what revolutionized and today it is the basis of many of the ideas that exist in Europe, especially, and precisely with a Lionel Messi that recently reached the long-awaited consecration.

A Clockwork Orange

Johan Cruyffone of the greatest revolutionaries in soccer both as a player and as a tactician, command a one of the most remembered selections in the history of world soccer, despite not having won a single international title, which he marveled at during the 1974 World Cup in Germany and who still managed to show a bit of his skills in Argentina four years later, although without the nicknamed Flying Dutchman.

Their success lay in the peculiar strategy they used to play, which is summarized in the concept of Ftotal soccer”which was nothing more than defending all and attacking all, in a summary explanation of a team that moved in unison, that knew about triangulations, pressure on their rivals and automated and fast movements in order to deconcentrate the rivals.

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Brazil of the five “10”

With Pele to the frontis often referred to as the best selection of soccer that has been seen in some World Cup, since it not only won the title with a perfection of six victories, but also because it presented a picture without comparison in which offensive football was his hallmark.

Despite the fact that Santos’ 10 was at the forefront and that it seemed difficult for all their figures to be able to play at the same time, the technical Mario Zagallo put beside Jairzinho, Tostao, Rivellino and Gerson so that they watered the fields with great soccer in Mexico in 1970.

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Saints of Pele

Two cups liberators, two cups intercontinental, six titles of the Sandlaugh A brazilian, one Super Cup from Intercontinental Champions was the harvest of a equipment who reached the degree of mythical and that it was commanded by Pelé, a player great enough to stop a war in Nigeria thanks to his visit.

At a time when the mass media did not have the magnitude of today, the brazilian club became so famous that it even led him to perform multiple tours around the world between the late 50s and the 60s, a milestone that no club has been able to replicate.

Legendary teams in sports history

Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan He is usually considered one of the greatest athletes, although many times that enormous figure tends to overshadow a equipment that he was able to hold the Mark from plus triumphyes in a regular season for 20 years (72-10), in which other figures such as Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman or coach Phil Jackson himself coexisted.

After returning to the nba in his ephemeral stint as a baseball player in May 1995, Jordan He had a gray campaign that led him to train like never before to come back sharp for the season 1995-1996 after it was doubted that he maintained his ability and he did it to command yet equipment spectacular and winner.

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chicago bears

The Chicago Bears had already coined the nickname “The Monsters of Midway” decades ago, but it was until 1985 when he became one of the most respected in the nflsupported by an unwavering defense that earned them to be one of the best in the history of the contest.

In that year, the Illinois team finished with a record of 15-1 in the regular season, in which only Miami Dolphins he was able to beat them. Would champions of Super Bowl XX by crushing the New England Patriots 46-10.

Legendary teams in sports history

new york yankees

In the centennial history of the MLB, great ninths have been present, although none as overwhelming as the one that put together new york yankees In the season 1998in a stage in which it is more difficult to concentrate the talent, as it used to happen in other stages.

With Joe Torre as manager and players like Derek Jeter, Mike Stanton or Mariano Rivera, to name a few, yankees crushed the regular season with 114 winsto which another 11 would be added in the postseason, which would give them to achieve the title 24 in its rich history.

1998 yankees

Are there legendary clubs in Mexico?

Without being able to compare its greatness with the aforementioned clubs, since its achievements are more focused on the national market, on the country there has also been organizations who have left a special footprint among the fans.

Some of them are the America who directed the Dutch Leo Beenhakker, who despite not having been a champion left a great mark for his revolutionary football with African players like Biyik or Kalusha; the champion Guadalajara who won seven league titles between 1956 and 1965 who seemed invincible and who was only defeated by the passing of the years; the Blue Cross finalist on the Libertadores Cup 2001 that paralyzed the country; and even the tigers of Tuca Ferretti who were runners-up of Club World Cup in the 2020 edition that was played in January 2021.

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Legendary teams in sports history