Las Vegas Raiders coach targeted by NFL for racist acts


The competition opened an investigation against Jon Gruden for an attitude toward a former Gamblers Guild executive.

Jon gruden


© Getty ImagesJon gruden

Yes OK Las vegas raiders is running a good campaign in the 2021 season of the National Football League (NFL), with three wins and one loss, his coach Jon gruden he is involved in a complicated situation, after being accused of racist acts.

What happened? The competition has launched an investigation against the Nevada franchise strategist after the Wall street journal publish an email from 2011, where the professional referred in a derogatory way to the then executive director of the NFL Players Association, Demaurice smith.

At e-mail, Gruden who at that time worked as an analyst for the chain ESPN, he wrote to a manager of Washington Football Team, seeking to settle a conflict that the players had with the league at that time, indicating that the union representative “It has lips the size of Michelin tires”.

NFL investigates Raiders coach for racism

After learning of the incident, the Las Vegas strategist noted that I am very ashamed to have insulted Smith. I never had a racial thought when I used it … I’m ashamed of what’s out there. I certainly never wanted it to sound so bad. “.

For his part, the owner of the Raiders, Mark Davis, issued a statement where along with indicating that “the mail is disturbing and it is not what the team represents”added that we are broaching the matter with Coach Gruden and we will have no further comments at this time “.

Finally, the league delivered its version of events and the spokesperson Brian McCarthy emphatically stated that “Jon Gruden’s email denigrating DeMaurice Smith it’s hideous, loathsome, and totally contrary to the values ​​of the NFL; we condemn the statement and regret any damage its publication may inflict to Mr. Smith or any other person “.

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