Laporta leaves Griezmann’s future in the air

Laporta leaves Griezmanns future in the air


07/22/2021 –

Joan Laporta has taken advantage of the presentation of Depay to review Barça news. The president has made it clear that there is goodwill from The league and of Thebes to find a solution to the salary cap issue. He has also highlighted the attitude of the players he is talking to to adjust their salaries. Furthermore, he has recognized for the first time that the Bara can register the players he signs and has left the door open to Griezmann. On the other hand, he ensures that the Messi issue progresses properly and admits that Umtiti and Pjanic are on the starting ramp.


“The players that we are incorporating can be registered, either Mephis, Kun or Eric. You know the restrictions that are motivated by the inheritance we have. The ratio we have does not make it easy for us. They are working very well with LaLiga, Mateu Alemany He is doing a great job because we have to follow the rules beyond what we think are stricter than in other countries. We are confident that either by reducing the salary bill or with some formula accepted by the League, we are seeing good will on the part of the body. and its president. He is the first interested in having great footballers like Memphis come and play here, but there are rules. The players are having a very good reaction and they are understanding. They are listening to the proposals and looking for solutions. “


The player has always said that he wants to continue, there is no doubt about that. We are making progress in all the negotiations involving a contract of this type. They are working very well and it is a wish that we all have. We do not hide the will that we want him to continue, which is for many years. “

The players we are signing we can register


What is missing?

“In due course you will know the note and what we are working on, but I will not go into details. Progress properly, we are all very satisfied.”


“He is a player of the Bara’s first team, he has a valid contract and we have him. There have been movements.

Barter with Salt

“The market is starting, practically nothing has moved. All the clubs are in certain difficulties. Players like Griezmann have a market, there are interested clubs and we are building our squad looking for financial balance. We are delighted with him and we are all professionals. The market is moving, we are open to all proposals because we are in a delicate moment and we are talking with all the players of the first team to see how they breathe so that the balance harms them as little as possible “.

If the market moves, we are open to all proposals


Pjanic and Umtiti

“Above all we respect the players, they are the best we have at the club. We speak with them honestly, clearly and directly. These two had little prominence, but they have worked very well in preseason. they can be, we’ll tell you “

Alemany, football director

Umtiti and Pjanic

“They are two prestigious players with important careers. They had a few minutes and they know the possibilities they will have. With their agents we are evaluating the option of leaving. They are the first interested in having a leading role.”


“We highly value Griezmann, he is top level and we are very happy. Given our situation we have been open but it will not be easy for someone to come with an important offer.”