Lamar Jackson and the 5 best plays of week 12 in the NFL 2021

The National Football League It has already finished its twelfth week of the 2021 season and left a lot of incredible action to analyze. The teams work together and with rhythm, and you can see more and more exciting plays that we show you here.

The most beautiful thing about the best American football league in the world is that there will never be a lack of good plays. Spectacle is part of sport And with elite athletes, the chances of observing memorable actions are high.

From Bolavip We are about to show you what were the best five plays of the tenth date, where it had several protagonists, among them The sea Jackson with a great pass in the victory of Baltimore Ravens.

In the defeat of the Rams before the Packers, the first great connection between Matt stafford and the great Odell Beckham Jr. It was for a 54-yard touchdown that put them in game. It can be the beginning of a great pair that leaves many plays like this.

On Thanksgiving Day, Las vegas raiders surprised Dallas cowboys, but also Pollard had the best score of the evening. He returned a punt 100 yards to TD. He was able to show astonishing speed.

In the match between losers, Texans they became strong defeating the Jets, but the best was an exquisite pass of Tyrod taylor, which traveled 50 yards in the air and fell into the hands of Brandin cooks for the touchdown. Great play.

2. Rasheem Green – Seattle Seahawks

At Monday Night Football, Rasheem Green did something never seen in the history of the NFL. He blocked a field goal attempt, recovered the ball, and returned it for the score, which in this case, being after an extra point attempt, was worth two points that partially tied the game for Seahawks, which they would later lose to Washington FT.

1. Lamar jackson and Mark Andrews – Baltimore Ravens

Lamar jackson he has a surprise up his sleeve every week. This Sunday, with the tight game, he received all the pressure of Cleveland browns, but he spent time eluding defenders and ended up finding Mark Andrews in the end zone. The wonder, one more time.

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Lamar Jackson and the 5 best plays of week 12 in the NFL 2021