Lainez lights up with the ’10’ of Cuau and responds to the general clamor

Lainez lights up with the 10 of Cuau and responds

For the first few minutes it was a simple viewer of the ping pong match proposed by Mexico and France.

Every time his teammates looked for him it was with aerial balls in which he did not have the slightest chance of competing, since his marker was at least 30 centimeters tall.

I was isolated stuck to the right wing, with a changed profile, until in a bad start by the Gauls he took a ball and put a superb goal pass to Alexis Vega, who stayed very close to the first goal of the match.

A simple action filled Diego Lainez with confidence, who with the ’10’ on his back was called to have more than flashes in the Olympic debut of the National Team.

And then he appeared with the best of his virtues, and in a waste of skill he planted two French towers to enter the area and center towards Henry Martin, who was inches away from finishing.

The call was beginning to show ‘Lainez Factor’ and in the complement it was decisive. Again in a face, on two occasions he eluded the same rival and with his less skillful leg, his right, put the 1-0 to Vega, who this time was right and Mexico opened the scoring.

In the Aztec win, not only did the Betis footballer shine, but he undoubtedly made a new record, now in a capital stage, that he is called to consecrate large stories. Talent has and to spare.

It is no secret that since the distant retirement of Cuahtémoc White, Mexico does not have a number ‘10‘to handle the strings of the team, to say the how and when on offense, and Diego has solid arguments to be that man. In this selection U24 and in the major.

That kid who ran without brake crashing against rivals and who decided badly in 8 out of 10 opportunities already matured. Today Lainez is choosing better and better. He knows when to pause, when to go toe-to-toe and above all, when the party needs his audacity.

At the start of the second half with the score 0-0 against France it was determinant to identify that El Tri should paste first to take advantage, or it could happen to him on so many other occasions, dominate and not specify and then find himself at a disadvantage.

Carlos candle it was a simple flare in the National Team with the ‘10‘on his back, because he was never convinced or dedicated to being the benchmark that his ability demanded.

Lainez already understood that general clamor requires you to take a giant post like the one that Cuauhtémoc Blanco left several yesterdays ago in El Tri. From the outset, in the Olympic Games debut against the ‘favorite’ France, Diego is lit up with the wake of ‘hunchback‘.