Juventude, Brazilian team, seeks loan for Nico Castillo

The Brazilian team has had communication with Nico Castillo’s agent, but is still waiting for a response from America.

The team EC Youth from Brazil is interested in the Chilean striker Nico Castillo, who does not enter into plans of the America For Apertura 2021, and only one week after the market closes, the Eagles player seems to have his future in Brazilian soccer.

ESPN Digital He was able to confirm with the Albiverde team board that they are in talks with the Eagles to see the option of a loan for this football year.

From the top they notified ESPN that currently “we do not have an official position America”And the talks that have been made are through the representative of Nico Castillo. “Let’s wait,” he added.

The Brazilian press has begun profiling Nico, who came to Mexico from Benfica in exchange for $ 8 million. The Gauchazh media described the signing as “risky”, since Castillo has not played since January 2020, that is, 16 months ago and the other is that the forward “receives a good amount of money in dollars.”

Bruno Mmucke, a journalist for Radio Caixas who covers the Papo club, was the first to report their interest in the Chilean, who has spent the last 18 months seeking to return to professional football after the thrombosis he suffered in his right leg at early 2020.

“The center forward Nico Castillo it’s on Youth’s radar. Chilean, 28 years old, belongs to America, Mexico. He has worked in clubs such as the Universidad Católica, from Chile, and Brugge, from Belgium. The high salary is one of the obstacles in the negotiation ”, shared the journalist from Radio Caixas.

The half globe also gave space to the news by mentioning that “The Youth he is taking on the idea of ​​bringing a reinforcement that changes the level of the team in the Brazilian Championship ”and highlights his time as a Chilean national team and champion of the 2016 Copa América.