Justin Fields, the great hope of Chicago

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The Chicago Bears quarterback is offering a better version in his second season in the NFL after a struggling first year as a rookie

Justin Fields broke the record for rushing yards by a quarterback in a game two weeks ago with 178, once again demonstrating his incredible athleticism.

Selected eleventh overall in the first round of the 2021 draft, Justin Fields reached the chicago bears with the intention of giving illusion to a franchise that seemed to be shipwrecked in the nfl, installed in the low zone of the classification.

Those of Chicago have only managed to reach the postseason in two of the last ten campaignslanding in the Wild Card both times.

Despite occupying the last place in the NFC North with a balance of 3 wins and 7 losses, the Bears are starting to reap the rewards of their good work in the draft two seasons ago.

The quarterbacks class of that year was presented as one of the best in recent times: Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Trey Lances, Mac Jones and finally Justin Fields they were selected among the top 11 positions, and their teams were confident that they would have their quarterback of the future to lead their respective offenses.

After a first year with lights and shadows, Justin Fields is presenting a strong candidacy for the best QB of that talented litter and is demonstrating progress in each of the facets of his game, something with which Matt Eberflushis head coach, must be more than satisfied.

The former player of ohio state a more than convincing season is coming together sophmore in his still short career as an NFL player, exhibiting a very powerful running gameeven breaking all-time league records.

The 178 rushing yards that Fields achieved in the game against the Miami Dolphins in week 9 of the competition earned him to become the quarterback with the most rushing yards in a regular season game in all-time.

The previous mark was held by an NFL legend as Michael Vick with 173 yardsa player who established himself throughout his career as the quarterback with the best legs ever seen.

The Chicago player is showing himself to be unstoppable in situations of scrambleas soon as the pocket of your offensive line is broken, situations in which fields choose to run to one own speed of a runnerfinding spaces with astonishing ease.

In this play Justin Fields feints the race of his running back and thanks to the good protection on the right side of his line, he manages to find a space in the defense. Once it starts, the Lions secondary fails to stop the rival’s career.

Luke Getsythe new offensive coordinator of those in Illinois, has designed a game scheme fully adapted to your quarterback’s needs.

Unlike Matt Nagythe former head coach of Chicago and who designed an archaic playbook last season for Andy Daltonregular QB of the team on 21/22, Getsy and Eberfluss they are managing to shine the virtues of Fields and not expose too much his weaknessestypical of a second-year player.

Any quarterback needs a process of adaptation to the NFL. Even the greatest in all history, Tom Bradyhad to throw interceptions and play bad drives to become what, after more than twenty seasons, we consider the best player of all time.

fields He starts with a certain advantage, and it is that despite being only his second year in the league, his technical team has given him the reins of the team. A confidence that is already bearing fruit inside the field, where he is observed by a increasingly comfortable quarterback on the pitch and understanding his coach’s guidelines at a good pace.

The Bears quarterback is also excelling in one of the most important facets for a quarterback: progress in the readings of the play. Justin Fields plays the attacking pace of his team like a charm, and finds his receivers beyond the primary target.

In this a priori simple move, Fields watches as his first read is covered and immediately looks for his second receiver.. Her eyes change targets at a good speed. This ability is key for a team to make sustained drives and get into the rhythm of the game.

Fields is developing facility to progress in the plays and that is appreciated by the rest of his offense.

Justin has 1,489 passing yards, 12 touchdowns and 7 interceptions in the middle of the season, with a QB Rating of 57.0, a figure that places him in the eleventh position among quarterbacks in the league. Not the best records in the NFL, but if they allow the fans of Chicago to excite.

Despite being a somewhat hasty player in some attack actions, which lead him to commit some interception unnecessary instead of throwing the ball wide, Fields is one of the most funny to see, thanks to its ability to launch from various platforms.

He is one of the most accurate quarterbacks when passing on the move, a record few in the NFL can reach like Mahomes or Josh Allentwo of the candidates for MVP For this season.

When the pressure arrives and you must leave the pocketJustin Fields manages to find his companions with precision despite not having both feet planted on the ground or having to turn his body in an ‘unnatural’ way.

These abilities make Fields a dual threat for defensemen, a unit that knows full well that its rival quarterback can attack the secondary from the air or catch the ball and penetrate the defensive line with many aspirations to the first down.

With 749 rushing yards this seasonthe advanced stat warns that Fields is on pace to reach 1137, figure that would not only break his franchise record in the quarterback position but would also achieve the second best mark in NFL historythe first was achieved by lamar jackson in 2019, the year in which he won the league MVP.

The room for improvement is still immense for the 23-year-old, and the chicago bears they must do everything possible to make their franchise player feel more and more comfortable.

This Sunday the chicago bears will have the opportunity to add their fourth victory of the season against atlanta falconsin the meeting corresponding to the week 11 of the competition.

One of the team’s main objectives for next season will be strengthen in terms of Wide Receivers and Offensive Lineeither via draft, transfer or free agency.

Those of Illinois will be the team with the most salary space next summer of the league with 125 million dollarswhich together with six choices of Draft in the first four roundsthey will do everything possible to lay the foundations of a team that aspires to reach playoff positions in the future. Slowly but surely.

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Justin Fields, the great hope of Chicago