Josh Jacobs plans to play Pats despite finger injury

Josh Jacobs assures that he can hold the ball and he will have to feel the first hit in a game, to know if he can continue or not

HENDERSON, Nev. — The corridor Las Vegas Raiders, josh jacobswho leads the nfl The 1,402-yard rusher suffered a “nasty” injury to his right little finger last week and wears a brace, but said Friday he plans to play Sunday against the New England Patriots.

“My finger came off,” Josh Jacobs described the play, as he extended his right hand to land on the artificial turf of the SoFi Field against los angeles rams“and my hand went the other way.”

josh jacobsindicated that he has been catching passes in practice with Derek Carr and didn’t drop one, he said the plan is to “probably keep testing for a bit more and then see how it goes from there.”

The coach of the Raiders, Josh McDanielsreported earlier that day that the raiders would limit to josh jacobs against New England. Jacobs, who was limited in practice all week, is officially listed as questionable.

Still, while Jacobs acknowledged that he still wasn’t sure how his hand would affect him in a game situation since he wasn’t hit in practice, he said he couldn’t think about the injury before the game.

“Once you do that, that’s when you’re doing too much, and that’s when you fumble or get hurt because you’re thinking about it too much,” he reflected. “I’m just going to go back and do ‘business’ the way ‘business’ is done, really, and see how it goes.”

“I can take the ball, so we’ll see once I get hit a couple of times.”

josh jacobs returned to the game rams after getting injured and having his little finger taped to his ring finger, and the first play was for him to throw a pass. He laughed when he pointed out that he was surprised by the move.

“Yeah man, I was like, yeah…I knew I wasn’t going to shoot that ball when I came in,” he joked.

jacobs he also has pain in his right quadriceps after recovering from a left calf strain, injuries that have cropped up in recent weeks.

“I had a good 10 or 11 weeks before anything, so it would happen eventually.”

jacobswho is on a contract year after the raiders declined to pick up his fifth-year option this offseason, he was also named team captain by the captains Friday morning and called it a “great honor” to be recognized by his teammates. He was captain in 2021.

“Personally, I don’t think it really changes the way I do my business,” he said. “I just go in and work and lead like I lead and I plan to keep doing the same thing.”

“I’ve already led. Speaking up and leading by example.”

As for the play when he was injured, Jacobs said he hasn’t seen a replay yet, but he wants to.

“Everyone keeps telling me that the video is disgusting. It was probably because it felt like…yeah, it felt wrong.”

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Josh Jacobs plans to play Pats despite finger injury