Jimmy Garoppolo regains the place where he belongs: returns to the starting lineup with the 49ers

ANDn January 30 of this year, when Aaron Donald force the quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to throw a desperate pass that ended up being intercepted by Travin Howard for the ones Los Angeles Rams secure your ticket to Super Bowl LVI, all the experts of the NFL They assured that this had been Jimmy. G’s last pass with the San Francisco 49ers.

The 49ers, at that time, were eliminated in the Game of NFC Championshiphowever, the Bay Area team had taken to Trey Lance third overall in the Draft 2021 of the State of North Dakotaso the plan of this franchise was that for this season he would be the second-year player who would take the reins of the offense.

The 49ers were saved by not trading Jimmy Garoppolo

The 49ers plan was to trade Garoppolo in the offseason, in March it was thought that he would be traded soon, however, the quarterback had to undergo shoulder surgery that made other teams hesitant to hire him.

So he passed Draft and then came the training camp where Garoppolowho already knew that he would not be a starter, did not participate with the permission of the 49ers to seek a trade, however, after not finding a deal, he ended up accepting a new contract that lowered his salary but made him the highest-paid backup in history .

Jimmy G’s fate continues in San Francisco

When dak prescott was injured last week it was also rumored that Jimmy Garoppolo will be transferred to Dallas Cowboysthat did not happen and then came the game this Sunday in which Throw he broke his ankle and will miss the rest of the season.

believe it or not, Jimmy G. has in his destiny to remain the starting quarterback of the 49ers for the remainder of 2022, when he accepted his new contract as a backup quarterback, Lance was reportedly upset, he must have sensed something.

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Jimmy Garoppolo regains the place where he belongs: returns to the starting lineup with the 49ers