James would leave Everton to finance the team’s signings

James would leave Everton to finance the teams signings

James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez, in action against Sheffleld.

James Rodríguez, in action against Sheffleld.

Benítez, his boss, wants ‘solutions’ for players with expensive salaries that he does not have.

The exit door seems the most imminent path for the Colombian players of the Everton. With the arrival of Rafa Benitez to the technical bench, the Colombians lost almost all their chances of playing for the English team.

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The newspaper Daily Mail, which days ago affirmed that Yerry Mina It was not in Benítez’s plans, he affirmed this Thursday that James Rodriguez It would not be in plans either and being one of the most expensive salaries of the squad, he would be one of the first players that the Spanish coach would suggest selling.

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“If you have players with high salaries who normally do not play, then you want to find a solution and this solution will mean that you have money to spend on new players,” Benítez was quoted as saying. Daily Mail.

Like James, the steering wheel Fabian delph he would also be on his way out of the club.

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James would leave Everton to finance the teams signings

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