Jamal Adams, Wentz, Stafford and other trades impacting the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft

The 2022 NFL Draft is getting closer and closer, and that is why it is time to talk about how the first round is accommodating, where some teams will be absent and others could dictate their own terms for having multiple opportunities.

The exchanges made in previous years have caused the situation to be settling as it is and has, in contrast, five teams without a selection in the first round of the next Draft, in addition to others that lost their own, but compensated with the someone else.

Here is a summary with a third of the 2021 season to play.

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Teams with multiple selections in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft

New York Jets

For now, the Jets would have two top-five picks in the first round. Their 3-8 record puts them at No. 4, while sending Jamal Adams to the Seahawks continues to pay dividends and have them No. 5 as well.

There are still games to play, and if we have learned anything, it is that this season anything can happen, but it has also become clear to us that neither team is particularly good at winning too many games and thus getting out of the first half of the season. first round.

A very privileged situation for a team that is in the middle of rebuilding and what you need now is all the talent you can add to make the Robert Saleh project work with Zach Wilson.

New York Giants

With two teams in the top-10, they are in good shape at the moment. The 4-7 they have before week 13 puts them in position 7, but also the fact that the Bears jumped to 11 in the first round last year to take Justin Fields also gives them the pick. immediately preceding.

This is another case where neither of the two teams involved seems to improve much in the remainder of the season, so these shifts seem not to drop too much.

Recently, reports emerged indicating that Dave Gettleman to be fired from his role as General Manager on the team And, at the risk of being left at the bottom of its division, it would not be surprising if the cleanup continued with the firing of Joe Judge, so the team would have interesting resources, at least in terms of Draft, to start a new project with Daniel Jones entering the final year of his rookie contract.

Philadelphia Eagles

They had a hot streak through November, which got them into the conversation of fighting for their division towards the end of the season. However, their 5-7 record has them in position 9 in the Draft, they have the selection of the Dolphins, which depreciated in the same month because they too had an excellent winning streak and is now in position 10.

Last year’s trade in which they dropped from 6th to 12th, gave them this extra opportunity that they have today.

However, things did not stop there, as during the offseason Carson Wentz was sent to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for a package of picks that included a conditional selection that became in the first round in case Wentz played 75% of the game. time or the Colts will qualify for the Playoffs, which so far seems to be fulfilled.

With three picks in the first round, this team can do whatever it wants, not a bad roster, but room for improvement. If we think about the Colts becoming a pick in the twenties, and both his and Miami’s stay close to the middle, they can either make three good players or even combine them to move to take the player you like the most.

Detroit Lions

As we know, this team still does not know the victory this season, so they are installed in the number 1 pick. In addition, they have the selection of the Rams, which they obtained in the quarterbacks exchange with which Jared Goff finished in Detroit and Matthew Stafford in Los Angeles.

The Rams started the season with great promise, but now they are on a losing streak – which is good news for the Lions as their selection becomes more and more valuable – so if Goff is not their QB going forward, they might as well look for the next one at the bottom of the first round.

Teams without a draft in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft

Chicago Bears

The only thing this team hopes is that, in the near future, Justin Fields will become the answer in the quarterback position that they have been waiting for years, since otherwise, after the rumors of the departure of Matt Nagy, they would be giving way to a new era in his team without the possibility for whoever comes to replace him to have talent premium.

Indianapolis Colts

They handed over their first-round pick for Carson Wentz and, thus far, the quarterback’s ups and downs have been the norm. If they qualify for the Playoffs, it will largely be due to much more to the great work of their running back Jonathan Taylor. If the team wins and stays relevant in the AL South, then the trade will prove to be efficient at the very least, since that certainty is obtained in exchange for the questions that a rookie brings to the position.

Los Angeles Rams

We’ve already talked about the Rams’ approach to team building. Next year the team will have two or three picks in total and it will be some time before they take a player back in the first round.

Matthew Stafford came to the team with the promise of being what it took to take the next step and win the Super Bowl, so anything less than that will be considered a failure.

San Francisco 49ers

They are undrafted in the first round for climbing to No. 3 in the last Draft to take on Trey Lance, who has seen very little playing time and we all knew he was a player who needed a lot of learning and development to start in the league. NFL having been in a small program like North Dakota State.

For the moment they have the benefit of the doubt as long as we don’t have elements to judge what Lance did. If things go as well as they hope, no one will blame them for being without a first-round player in 2022.

Seattle Seahawks

This is another of the teams that does not have much affection for their Draft selections: in 2021 we saw them with only three, and the next, again, they will not be present in the first round, since they are still paying the Jets for Jamal Adams.

Getting one of the highest paying production safeties he’s ever had doesn’t seem like a great deal so far. He’s one of the team’s minor problems on the field right now, though, but he becomes much more relevant when he’s robbing them of the opportunity to select top-10 elite talent in the draft.

And there are also the Dolphins

This team does not qualify in either of the two previous categories, since despite the fact that their original pick is now held by Philadelphia, they obtained that of the 49ers.

At the moment what they have obtained from San Francisco seems to be a selection in the second half of the round, which with the little constancy that they have shown in Miami could not be the best of the news; however, it is not the worst to be situated in a place where they can continue to build around the youth they have acquired in recent years.

This is the momentary panorama of the impact of the main trades that impact the teams in the first round involved in them. Which teams will get better or worse heading into the 2022 NFL Draft? We read you in the comments under this article and on our social networks.

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Jamal Adams, Wentz, Stafford and other trades impacting the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft