Jaguars’ Travis Etienne to miss 2021 NFL season

Brutal news for the Jacksonville Jaguars: RB Travis Etienne will miss the 2021 NFL Season through injury. What does it mean for the team?

Jaguars’ Travis Etienne to miss 2021 NFL season

Following a 21-23 loss to the Saints on Monday night in Game 2 of the 2021 NFL Preseason, Jacksonville coach Urban Meyer’s offensive project just suffered massive damage as the Jaguars’ rookie RB, Travis Etienne, suffered a midfoot sprain (known as Lisfranc injury) and will be lost for the entire year. The news was confirmed by Adam Schefter.

Later, Schefter himself confirmed the move that the Jaguars made in the face of Etienne’s injury: requiring surgery and in view of the recovery time, the team decided to put him on the Injured Reserve list from now on and, not being able to wait to Keeping him on the final roster cut to 53 players on Aug. 31, Etienne is not a candidate to return this season.

What implications does this news have for the Jaguars Season 2021?

By Luis Obregón:

This is exactly the kind of news that as an NFL fan, whatever team you are, you don’t want to hear: a rookie player with great promise who suffers an injury in a preseason game that is out for the entire year.

It is discouraging to see what was the plan that Urban Meyer and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell had in mind for him and his offense in general, since what was seen in two preseason games did not reveal much in the face of what was so far a use reduced from this skilled player.

The offense led by Trevor Lawrence is left without an element that promised versatility in addition to a certain perception of continuity, as it transferred the Clemson Tigers pair to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

On the other hand, this is good news for running back James Robinson, who, having taken the league by storm in 2020, may continue to be the highlight of the offensive backfield. If this happens and Robinson is successful, it will impact running backs’ perception of value in the league, which is already downward, living by the widespread notion that this is a “anyone can play” position.

If we consider that the useful life of a player in this position is in itself short, taking a full year from him, and especially if it is his first as a professional, has a negative impact for Etienne, who will miss an important period learning and adaptation in the field.

Can Urban Meyer’s Jaguars overcome Travis Etienne’s injury to succeed in the 2021 NFL Season? We read you in the comments under this article and on our social networks.