“It doesn’t need to be Tom Brady,” New York Jets say about Zach Wilson

Head coach Robert Saleh tries to temper expectations around the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, in his second year with the New York franchise

FLORHAM PARK — Robert Saleh he’s a head coach who understands how the media works and knows how to control the message, and that’s exactly what he tried to do with his comment regarding the quarterback. Zach Wilson: “It doesn’t need to be Tom Brady this year”.

It was an exaggerated way of saying that it was unfair to expect stardom in the second year, even though he is the second overall recruit of the 2021 NFL Draft for the New York Jets.

Perhaps trying to contain external expectations, which have grown in the midst of a hectic offseason, Saleh provided a reality check at the end of the offseason. Also, it could have served as a message to Wilsonwho often tried to make her a hero as a rookie.

“People forget that they have a young offensive supporting cast,” he said. Saleh at the close of the mandatory minicamp. “His receivers are young, his running backs are young, his offensive line is just coming together. He’s young.”

That brings me to the comment Brady.

“Now, if it ends up being [Brady]that’s great, but that’s not the expectation for him,” offered Saleh. “The expectation for him is that he continues to climb that mountain.”

Throughout four weeks of internships, Wilson had some of Tom Bradymixed with some Brady Quinn. In other words, his performances had some very good moments, and some very bad ones.

His decision-making, command and overall touch regarding the progression-based passing scheme are significantly better than last season, according to the coaching group. He looks like a different quarterback than that rookie who was so overwhelmed at times that he wasn’t able to recognize his own mental mistakes. Now, he doesn’t require coaches to point out when he’s wrong; he knows immediately. That shows a greater understanding of the position.

Secondly, Wilson he still misses too many routine passes. This was an issue last year, when his completion percentages on shots from behind the line (74 percent) and from 0-9 yards (62 percent) were the worst in the league, according to NFL Next. Gene Stats. Saleh he described it as a “tough” rookie year. The coaches believe that those numbers will increase confirm Wilson improve your eye discipline, which is a tricky way of saying you need to do a better job of putting your eyes in the right place at the right time. That’s at the top of your to-do list. A quarterback can’t afford to miss that many layups.

Don’t be alarmed. It’s barely June, but the consistency novel of Wilson should bite as the year progresses. Nobody expects a miracle somersault, but it should be better than a 56 percent passer, his overall completion rate.

“I really have a lot of confidence in myself,” he said. Wilson. “Obviously, I think I can be one of the best. If someone doesn’t say it, he’s not a real competitor.”

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“It doesn’t need to be Tom Brady,” New York Jets say about Zach Wilson