Investigation opens against Jacksonville Jaguars for “cutting” unvaccinated players


The inquiries were requested by the NFL Players Association after the statements of his coach Urban Meyer.

Urban Meyer, coach of Jacksonville Jaguars (Photo: Getty Images)


Urban Meyer, coach of Jacksonville Jaguars (Photo: Getty Images)

It seems that in times of the Coronavirus pandemic, several teams from the National Football League (NFL) have adopted the bad practice of removing players who chose not to be vaccinated from their campuses, and one of those involved is Jacksonville Jaguars.

At a press conference, his coach Urban meyer admitted that the vaccination status of athletes was one of the things to consider to cut the workforce from 80 to 53 for the 2021 regular season, not that they were cut solely because of their vaccination status.

Given these statements, the Jaguars had to release an official statement to clarify the words of their strategist, indicating that “We have vaccinated and unvaccinated players in the squad, and no player was cut due to their vaccination status“.

NFL asked to open investigation against Jacksoville Jaguars

“We educate our players and we respect personal decisions regarding the vaccine. We want to keep our players, employees and families safe while we comply with the protocols related to health and safety and the competition on game days “added the Florida franchise.

Faced with this situation, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) He asked the competition to carry out an investigation against the Jaguars, as they consider the decision made by Meyer, based on his coronavirus vaccination status, to be discriminatory.

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“These comments (from Urban Meyer) have led us to open an investigation; the situation will be reviewed and monitored to learn more about it, indicated from the union to the portal Pro Football Talk.

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