How many sibling games are there in the 2021 NFL season?

The 2021 NFL season officially kicked off, a pleasant taste in our mouths left us with an air show between Tom Brady and Dak Prescott, but these seasons besides being exciting, it will give us some peculiar stories between brothers from different teams on the grid.

There are several couples and even family within the NFL, some well known like the Watts and others who do not have as many reflectors as the Diggs – well, Stefon has earned his fame by hand – but each and every one of them has its own, the peculiarity of this season, is that there will be some confrontations between them.

We do not want to be their family in the weeks in which they face each other, because the house will be divided, but, it will be an incentive for each member, to know that their relatives are competing in the most important American football league in the world, the NFL, so with that they already won.

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Without further ado, We are going to the games between brothers that will take place this season 2021 of the NFL:

Sibling games in the NFL

Devin McMourty vs Jason McMourty

From week 1 these types of duels will start and it is that, it was more than sung. Not long ago, they both defended the Patriots jersey, but that came to an end. For Jason left New England to join a divisional rival in the NFL American Conference, the Dolphins..

So they will have not one, but two games against this season. Jason and Devin will meet at the beginning and end of the season. Yes, in week 1 and week 18, as things look, one can ruin the other’s postseason opportunities.Thanksgiving dinner will be difficult this year.

Devin McMourty and Jason McMourty with the Patriots

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Trey and Terrell Edmunds vs Tremaine Edmunds

If you thought the Watt brothers were the only pair of brothers the Steelers have, the answer is no. The Edmunds are another sibling couple that Pittsburgh has and they will have to face off against another of their brothers in the opening week of the NFL.

Steelers vs Bills will be one of the attractive dishes of week 1 And if we add the family duel to that recipe, it will be a game that will spark sparks, since both – more Bills than Steelers – have a chance of reaching the postseason and want to start with a victory.

Edmunds Brothers with Steelers and Bills

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Travis Kelce vs Jason Kelce

Of the few brothers in the NFL who can boast Super Bowl rings, each has his own, and the tight end aspires to add another to his personal collection. In week 4, they will have a duel in which the family will be divided in two.

Eagles face the Chiefs, but it will be in Philadelphia. They already have a previous meeting in 2017, Travis played at home and took the victory, in addition to a TD celebrationSo Jason will have a tough job.

Shaquem Griffin vs Shaquill Griffin

They spent three years together defending the Seattle Seahawks, but Saquil’s time in the franchise ended and he went a long way from Washington to stay in the NFL. He signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Saquem also changed of scene and went to Dolphins.

In week 6, will meet for the first time in his career within the NFLAlthough the Jaguars have more postseason chances – on paper – it will be an interesting matchup between these brothers.

Saquem and Shaquill Griffin with Seahawks

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Kyle Fuller vs Kendall Fuller

Both in their teams’ secondary defense, these corner brothers will meet for the second time in their careers. The first was around Christmas Eve in 2019 “Let’s hope they didn’t get together in the exchange, that would be awkward.”

For this 2021, Halloween will be the date they face each other. Week 8 prepares a duel between Kyle’s Broncos against Kendall’s Washington Football TeamSo let’s see which of the 2 is victorious.

Fuller Brothers as Virginia Tech College Students

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Nick Martin vs Zack Martin

In this family there will be much to celebrate in this 2021, both not only play in the NFL, but also They will face off on one of the most significant dates of the season and we are talking about Thanksgiving week, so it will be a great match, in which we assure that the whole family will be there and plenty of food.

They already met once in 2018, Nick beat Zack, but this 2021 looks a little different for both offensive linemen. Zack’s Cowboys host Nick’s Raiders on Thanksgiving week 12.

Nick and Zack Martin in their NFL duel

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Mychal Kendricks vs Eric Kendricks

Another matchup in week 12 of the NFL, but this one with more history, because they have met this pair of brothers on three occasions and all the games with victory for Mychal (one with the Eagles and two with the Seahawks), so Eric will seek revenge.

Mychal will live his first season with the San Francisco 49ers, while Eric is seven years old with the Minnesota Vikings and their teams with serious chances of reaching the postseason will want to stumble each other out of that goal.

Mychal Kendricks vs Eric Kendricks in NFL game

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