Houston Texans make drastic decision for NFL 2022: They will not have Deshaun Watson


The general manager of the franchise, Nick Caserio, confirmed what will happen with the quarterback and what they will look for in the next Draft.

Deshaun Watson, quarterback at Houston Texans
© Carmen Mandato/Getty ImagesDeshaun Watson, quarterback at Houston Texans

For the 2021 season of the National Football League (NFL), the Houston Texans they decided not to have the services of the field marshal deshaun watson, who is involved in an extra-sports controversy, for having 22 allegations of alleged sexual harassment.

Although they were unable to get rid of the 26-year-old player for this tournament, where they were one of the worst teams with their negative record of four wins and 13 losses, and with Davis Mills taking his place in the starting lineup, everything seems to indicate that this year there will be news.

Is that the general manager of the Texans, Nick Caseriogave an interview to SportsRadio 610, where he was asked about Watson’s future in the NFL, and made it clear that there is a high possibility of not having him in their ranks for the next season, or at least it is his intention.

The Houston Texans decision with Deshaun Watson

There are signs that he’s probably not our quarterback anymore.; I think we should be receptive, see the information and process it, then we must make the decision that makes the most sense for all those involved”assured the executive.

In that sense, to look for Watson’s future replacement, the Texans set their sights on the NFL Draft 2022, and Caserio made it clear in this regard that we are always ready to negotiate. We don’t want to limit ourselves. I’ve always been open-minded about the draft, each team has a different philosophy, taking into account that they have the third first-round pick.


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Houston Texans make drastic decision for NFL 2022: They will not have Deshaun Watson