Has COVID changed the face of the NFL in 2021?

Although it may seem strange, American football is a sport that has more and more followers within our borders. For years more and more young people are joining in to practice it and even more adults who decide to follow the sessions.

So much so that more and more people decide to visit American football pages like sidelines.io to study the statistics, probabilities and forecasts of this legendary sport.

General features

The Covid-19 has brought, despite everything, a series of changes for the 2021 season. The 32 clubs that make up the league will see their playing conditions altered. It has not been an easy decision, not even the league committees, medical experts, outside advisers, players or fans are able to reach an agreement. Although it was already demonstrated last season that the NFL can be celebrated by maintaining health and safety protocols, the controversy remains heated, despite the fact that we could see the versatility it has to adapt to situations.

These operating principles are designed to allow us to play an entire season safely and responsibly, while addressing potential competitive or financial issues fairly. And although sanitary conditions have improved compared to last year, we cannot be satisfied. These principles help in decision-making, although, like in 2020, we will have to remain flexible and adapt to possible changing conditions.

Medical principles

The clubs ensure that they will continue to focus on sports-related health, safety and well-being. Thus, they have vaccinated more than 80% of sports personnel. In fact, it has been shown that almost all hospitalizations have been in unvaccinated people.

The protocol that the clubs have activated is very similar to the European one. If someone tests positive, all your contacts are tracked and it is isolated for follow-up. In addition, when being in contact with a positive, the NFLPA itself is in charge of doing the follow-up.

Competitive principles

The league has pledged to do everything possible to see all 272 games played in the promised weeks. Clubs, players and fans have committed to this.

Based on this commitment no club may postpone the game and, if it does, it will be postponed with a penalty.In fact, if this canceled match cannot be integrated within the planned calendar, it will be given as lost match.

Financial principles

To show this commitment, the clubs responsible for the matches that cannot be recovered will bear the financial losses of the STV. In the same way, it is included in the annual budget the costs of all medical tests and follow-ups so that the players and the other members of the clubs can continue playing.

In short, as we have seen, not only basketball or European football is still suffering the last blows of the pandemic, but also other sports, such as American football, are trying to mitigate the influence of Covid-19 in their respective countries. suspenders.

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