Haaland, a signing for September 1

Leo Messi, Kylian Mbapp And till Christian Ronaldo, the latter in the last few days, have put Erling’s future in the background Haaland, a player who has started the season doing what he does best, that is, to amaze everyone with his goals, game and physical power. His repertoire and effectiveness seem to have no end. The Norwegian is spoken of as if he were a second course and an accessible player for the team that at the last minute decides to face his signing, but the reality is not that and neither the player, nor the representative nor the Borussia Dortmun are willing to rush the slightest bit into a future that paints yellow until January 2022.

Haaland arrived at Borussia Dortmund in January 2020. Once again the German team bet on a young talent, in this case Norwegian and from Red Bull Salzburg in exchange for 20 million. The forward’s career is guided by his father (Alf-Inge), a footballer who had to retire after a hard tackle by Roy Keane, and by Mino Raiola, agent of many other figures and who opted for the forward in his time at El Molde.

The agent reached an agreement with the German team by which he agreed to be two seasons in the Bundesliga. In the arrival contract at Borussia Dortmund a clause was included by which as of September 1, 2021 he can make use of it to achieve freedom and seek a destination away from the German championship.

Haaland’s incredible gesture that is applauded in Germany: he loses the Super Cup, jumps three hurdles …

The marked price is 75 million according to some information, but neither party has wanted to confirm it. What they do not hide is that the Norwegian is not for sale or if it is, it is at an off-market price that exceeds 200 million euros. BorussIa Dortmund has no need to sell after the transfer of Sancho to United and for which he has entered 100 million euros. Raiola, either.

The agent knows that an agreement with a closed starting price will mean a higher contract for his client and, by extension, more money for him and for the footballer’s father. Raiola has also always recognized that Haaland needs his time in Dortmund to keep growing as a footballer and that a hasty transfer could be detrimental to the striker.

Raiola has met with various teams in recent months. In fact on the same day he was in Barcelona and Madrid, visiting the facilities of the Barça club and the Madrid club. In all the meetings that he has maintained, his objective has always been the same, which is none other than to seek an agreement for Haaland, but always from September 1, 2021 and never for this season.

Visit to Spain

Haaland starts thrown in the Bundesliga: goals double and assists hat-trick

On his visit to Madrid he expected more and even a beginning of agreement, something that does not exist. That day he was received by Juni Calafat. The relationship with the entity has cooled down a bit again, although he continues to speak with José Ángel Sánchez. His presence in Barcelona was more testimonial and due to the friendship that unites him with Joan Laporta, rather than because of the real possibility that the Norwegian could join the discipline of the Catalan club.

The last team to knock on the forward’s doors was the Chelsea. In England there was even talk of a contract rejected by Haaland himself before Real Madrid’s interest in incorporating him into their ranks, even talking about a closed agreement.

Real Madrid, more specifically Florentino Prez, knows from the mouth of Hans-Joachim Watzke what the German club thinks and wants with regard to Haaland. Aki, as the general director of Borussia is known, maintains an excellent relationship with the white dome and any movement that may occur around the Norwegian, the Madrid fans will have the usual information.

Haaland: “I hope they say it about me are rumors because it is a lot of money for a person”

The relay

Borussia Dortmund is already ‘manufacturing’ who will be Haaland’s replacement in Marc Rose’s starting team. Weeks ago I signed with Dutch Donyell Mallen from the 22-year-old PSV and for which he paid 30 million euros. It has come with the endorsement of the 40 goals achieved in the 81 games played in the league of the Netherlands.

Haaland continues to show his class in every game. Transfermarkt places its market value at 130 million euros, a far cry from the 20 it cost in January 2020. The Norwegian has played 62 games in the Bundesliga and has scored 62 goals, a fact that makes it clear that his football is loaded with goals and an unusual physical power. which has caught the attention of all the greats of European football, with Real Madrid at the helm.