Goals and summary: Mexico 3-0 South Africa in Olympic Games | 07/28/2021

Goals and summary Mexico 3 0 South Africa in Olympic Games
2:58 PM2 days ago

Goals and summary |


2:53 PM2 days ago

93 ‘

It’s over!! Mexico beats South Africa and qualifies for the quarterfinals of Tokyo 2020.

2:48 PM2 days ago

92 ‘

Aguirre close to scoring the fourth, but Fleurs prevents his bow from falling again.

2:43 PM2 days ago

90 ‘

Long distance shot by Mokoena, but Ochoa attentive, leans back and avoids the first one.

2:38 PM2 days ago

88 ‘

Mexico near the fourth with a shot from Lainez, but Mahlangu gets in the way and ends up avoiding the goal.

2:33 PM2 days ago

86 ‘

Aguirre’s ball for Lainez, but the ball is too long and the Betis player cannot reach it.

2:28 PM2 days ago

83 ‘

South Africa changes. Ngcobo and Mosele enter through Makgopa and Cele

2:23 PM2 days ago

78 ‘

Defending! Fleurs ends up taking the center out of Angulo and prevents Lainez from making contact with the ball inside the area

2:18 PM2 days ago

75 ‘

Changes from Mexico. Uriel Antuna and Alexis Vega exit, Diego Lainez and Angulo take their places.

2:13 PM2 days ago

74 ‘

Change of Mexico. Henry Martin leaves and Eduardo Aguirre enters

2:08 PM2 days ago

70 ‘

Changes from Mexico. Sebastián Córdova and Jorge Sánchez exit for Joaquín Esquivel and Adrián Mora.

2:03 PM2 days ago

69 ‘

Close! Romo’s flash from outside the area, but the ball passes very close to the goal.

12:58 PM2 days ago

66 ‘

Mexico is left with one less !! Carlos Rodríguez fouls Singh, being the last man and clear goal play; the referee decides to kick the midfielder out.

12:53 PM2 days ago

62 ‘

Antuna center that reaches Williams without problems

12:48 PM2 days ago

59 ‘

Goal, goal, goal of Mexico! After a pass from Rodríguez, Henry Martin appeared perfectly defining Williams’ goal and the third came for the tricolor.

12:43 PM2 days ago

56 ‘

It goes! After reviewing the play, the whistler determines to throw captain Malepe out of the match

12:38 PM2 days ago

55 ‘

Uff! Hard entry by Malepe on Vega, which ends up being reviewed by the referee

12:33 PM2 days ago

48 ‘

Close the own goal! Antuna’s center who was looking for Córdova, but the ball hits Malepe and was close to entering his own goal.

12:28 PM2 days ago

Four. Five’

Actions resume at the Sapporo Dome, Mexico will look to go for more goals to secure their spot.

12:23 PM2 days ago

45 + 2 ‘

The first half ends, with goals from Romo and Vega, Mexico already wins it by two goals.

12:18 PM2 days ago

Four. Five’

Mexico goal! Romo appears inside the area, taking advantage of the rebound that leaves the ball in the area and pushes the ball, the South African defender participates in the goal.

12:13 PM2 days ago

43 ‘

Córdova entered with considerable danger, but Mokoena attentive, prevents the play from growing.

12:08 PM2 days ago

39 ‘

Mukumela arrived with danger, but the ball ends up going down the end line.

2:03 PM2 days ago

37 ‘

Stick! Antuna’s center, Romo finishes off and the ball hits the crossbar, later Alexis Vega counters and Williams attentively avoids the goal.

11:58 AM2 days ago

3. 4′

Mexico pressures in search of the second, those of South Africa seek to avoid both.

11:53 AM2 days ago

Japan already wins it!

With two goals, the Japanese already beat France and would reach nine units at the moment.

11:48 AM2 days ago

22 ‘

Antuna’s shot that ends up in the hands of Williams, Mexico looks for the second.

11:43 AM2 days ago

18 ‘

Goal, goal, goal of Mexico! Great center from Uriel Antuna and Alexis Vega appears inside the area to score the first for Mexico.

11:38 AM2 days ago

12 ‘

Makgopa wins the ball and shoots at Ochoa’s goal, but he goes well above the goal without causing problems.

11:33 AM2 days ago


Mokoena center that the Mexican saga covers, preventing the ball from entering Ochoa’s area.

11:28 AM2 days ago

7 ‘

Uff! Attentive Williams prevents Montes’s header from entering his goal.

11:23 PM2 days ago


Center of Antuna that is rejected by the saga, Mexico starts the meeting on top of Williams’ goal.

11:18 AM2 days ago

0 ‘

The last duel of the group stage begins for Mexico and South Africa.

11:13 AM2 days ago

Cheer him on!

Both national anthems are sung at the Sapporo Dome, everything is ready to start this duel

12:08 AM2 days ago

Already arrived

Both teams are already present at the Sapporo Dome, ready to play this last duel where both will seek to finish the phase with a victory.

12:03 AM2 days ago

XI from South Africa |

Williams, Mohamme, Mokoena, Fleurs, Mahlatsi, Cele, Makgopa, Singh, Malepe, Mukumela, Kodisang.

10:58 AM2 days ago

XI from Mexico |

G. Ochoa, J. Sánchez, C. Montes, J. Angulo, V. Loroña, L. Romo, C. Rodríguez, H. Martin, A. Vega, U. Antuna, S. Cordóva.

10:53 AM2 days ago

What a surprise!

Jaime Lozano surprised for this meeting with not aligning Diego Lainez, a key player who had been a starter in the U-23 duels.

10:48 AM2 days ago

Close group

In group A, the only one who has already secured their pass is Japan, hence France and Mexico tie with three points, South Africa accumulates zero points after two defeats against France and Japan.

10:43 AM2 days ago

Last duels

10:38 AM2 days ago

Without risking

If Mexico wants to go to the next phase, the first thing is that it needs to win, in case of falling, the Mexicans would have to wait for the result of the France vs Japan match. If France scores one or three points, the tricolor would automatically be out of the contest. The other option is for France to fall and Mexico to only receive one goal.

10:33 AM2 days ago

Do not take off from here to follow Mexico vs South Africa live

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Where and how to watch Mexico vs South Africa online and live

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No margin for error!

10:18 AM2 days ago

Statements of the Technical Director of Mexico

10:13 AM2 days ago

Strong fall!

10:08 AM2 days ago

Hard backhand

10:03 AM2 days ago

Decisive duel!

10:58 AM2 days ago

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