George Kittle sees in Trent Williams the best player in the NFL

The star tight end held no praise for the offensive tackle, his fellow San Francisco 49ers roster.

The tight end of the San Francisco 49ers, George Kittleasserted Friday that his teammate, offensive tackle Trent Williamsit is the best player in the nfl.

Trent Williams he is the best player in the NFL. I don’t care who is named. We could talk about anyone, but Trent is the most God-gifted human being I’ve ever seen,” said Kittle.

The one selected three times a Pro Bowlconsidered among the best tight ends in the league, explained that the presence of Trent Williams on the offensive line of the 49ers gives another dimension to the team.

Trent He’s got the lower body of a wide receiver and the upper body of a silverback gorilla, so he could literally crush anyone if he wanted to.”

George Kittle boasted the numbers of his partner when it came to protecting the quarterback from San Francisco, Jimmy Garoppolowho in the 2021 season was one of the least sacked in the league.

On the block rating in passing situations Williamsnine times selected at Pro Bowlreached 86 percent effectiveness, his highest mark since 2016, when he achieved 91.4.

His blocking percentage on rushing plays was 97.9, up from the 92.8 of second best in the league, guard Zack Martinof the Dallas Cowboys.

“Watch him play. He’s a brutal force, he fakes a move and then he lunges at the opponent and throws them to the grass. He won’t give you a break. There’s nothing you can do against this guy; he’s the best no matter if he’s an offensive tackle. The tight end insisted.

According to George Kittle the skills of Trent Williams they’re even above the champs’ star defensive lineman Los Angeles Rams, Aaron Donald.

“It’s crazy what he does Trent and look what Aaron It’s up there, and I’m a big fan of Aaron Donaldbut Trent It’s big, so AaronDon’t get mad,” he launched.

Trent Williams came to the 49ers in 2020 from Washington in exchange for a fifth-round pick from that year’s Draft and a third from 2021, a low cost considering his performance with San Francisco.

The millionaire contract that unites Williams with the Niners until 2025 is for 138 million dollars.

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George Kittle sees in Trent Williams the best player in the NFL