Gamescon: the world in ‘suspense’ due to the announcement of a new video game that could compete with FIFA and e-Football

Image with which the journalist Geoff Keighley caused expectation for the arrival of a new football video game. Photo: Twitter / @ geoffkeighley
Image with which the journalist Geoff Keighley caused expectation for the arrival of a new football video game. Photo: Twitter / @ geoffkeighley

Before the end of July, Konami surprised the entire gaming world by announcing that Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), its epic soccer game, would cease to exist as it is known today. On the 23rd of that month, The famous producer and developer explained that, in search of a new experience, this video game would change its name to e-Football, a new title that promises to stand up to the technology and gameplay of EA Sports and its famous FIFA.

“It all started with a relentless determination to create a revolutionary football experience. To this end, we decided to create a new soccer engine, with a revamped animation system and game controls. The end result was even more impressive than we had originally envisioned. We had gone beyond the border of PES, into a new realm of virtual football, “said Konami through an official statement.

“We began planning this move about two years ago to coincide with the transition from the console generation and changes in the market environment.”


For its part, EA Sports has been committed to improving its Tactical Artificial Intelligence (Tactical AI) in FIFA 22, which will be part of a new system called HyperMotion, which, according to the company, “It integrates the information from the advanced motion captures of the entire team and a machine learning system to improve the mechanics of each FIFA 22 match.”

“This will be a more absorbing FIFA with rivals who speak, point and direct each other according to their actions, and observe how they move based on intensity and the need to reach the ball,” EA also indicated, ensuring that in this new delivery players will be much more human, taking the lead in the game, even when they do not have possession of the ball.

Likewise, it has been leaked that, fearing for the success that e-Football would achieve with its free to play system, FIFA 23 would be designed to be distributed free to gamers and charge only for some in-game experiences, especially in Ultimate Team.

“FIFA 22 will be the last paid title in the series and will be playable for free later”, was the information leaked by DonkTrading, a FIFA insider expert, on Twitter.


However, after announcing their respective updates and showing all their cards on the table, both EA Sports and Konami might have a new reason to worry after meeting that at the Gamescon, the most important video game event in Europe, a new soccer title would be announced that could compete with the giants of this category.

“Put on your gloves and get ready! A brand new soccer video game will have its world premiere at #OpeningNightLive, ”wrote Geoff Keighley, a journalist in charge of opening Gamescon, on Twitter.

However, there is still no major news about this new title, although fans still wonder if it would seriously represent a risk for FIFA and e-Football, considering that not all football games are about gameplay on the pitch. , but, for example, Titles like Football Manager focus more on team management than on the playability of the team on the field.

Will there be someone who dares to face the giants of virtual football and if there is, what company will embark on this adventure?