From Shotgun Formation – Week 6 NFL Season 2021

Sammis Reyes debuted in the NFL, Chargers vs Browns was a show, the NFC West is beginning to be defined and we reviewed everything from the Shotgun Formation.

Quick impressions from Week 5

A lot happened this week: the Bears beat the Raiders, the Cardinals are still undefeated, Dallas continues to advance, the Lions lost again with a last-minute field goal … but from all I saw this was what struck me the most attention:

1. Winter is coming. Russell Wilson’s injury, which will take him out for 4-8 weeks, looks like a lethal blow for the Seahawks in 2021. In recent years it has become clear that Seattle lives and dies for Wilson, so don’t count on him in the future immediate will generate a lot of problems. Of course, one may think that the first weeks could flow with Geno Smith as QB, but if they reach the bye week and Wilson is still far from coming back then things will get very complicated.

2. Crazy. The meeting between Chargers and Browns was extremely entertaining and a sign that both teams are serious contenders in the AFC. Cleveland took the brunt of losing the game, but they made it clear that they are an extremely tough team to beat. And yes, this game included a situation where Cleveland defenders made Austin Ekeler score against his will. I will explain later.

3. For the story. The debut of Sammis Reyes in the NFL was nothing spectacular nor will there be any repetitions in the news, but it must be recognized that the day of the game between Washington and New Orleans saw the appearance of the first Chilean in this league. In an age where the NFL seeks to be more global and reach new markets, Sammis’ debut is great news because it opens the door to engage people who may not have been interested in this market before.

The things that I think I know

After what happened in the fifth week of the 2021 NFL Season, here are some things I think I know:

1. They are much better. One thing that is becoming increasingly clear to me is that the Bengals are a better team than many of us wanted to believe. True, they are not on the list of clear postseason hopefuls yet, but they are quite a fighter team and they are in a very interesting process. His game against the Packers showed a team that can get many in trouble.

2. It is working out. Although NFC West is considered the best division in the league, things seem to be working out quickly. Russell Wilson’s injury is pushing the Seahawks away and the 49ers are in a lot of trouble, starting with the trade at the QB position. At the moment it appears that the race for the divisional title is between two teams: Rams and Cardinals.

3. Luxury. After watching Chargers vs. Browns and Bills vs. Chiefs I’m sure the AFC playoffs are going to be spectacular, especially when the worst of these four teams is the two-time conference champion. At the very least, they will be extremely intriguing duels.

Thinking about the MNF

This is a new section in this column, basically to talk about what’s to come in tonight’s game.

Little revenge? Surely you will remember that the Ravens and the Colts have a conflict that goes to the same root of both teams: the Colts moved from Baltimore and that generated a special “rivalry” with the Ravens, the new team in that city. Right now, the two teams are arriving in very different conditions, and it seems that people in Baltimore will be able to enjoy a little that their new team helps to bring down the former team of that city.

I think the Ravens should win, 24-13.

the song of the week

After Justin Herbert’s show at the game against the Chargers, we dedicate this song to him:

Talking about college football

Every week there are many things to talk about college football, and even more so now that there have been several very big surprises, so let’s see some of the most interesting points of this day:

1. The streak is over. Just a couple of weeks ago I was telling you that Alabama had reached 100 consecutive victories over opponents not ranked in the Top 25. Well, everything has to come to an end and Texas A&M took care of that. With the Aggies’ 41-38 victory, the longest winning streak over unranked opponents since rankings were invented (1936) ends.

Nick Saban took responsibility for the loss, stating that the coaches have to do a better job. As a bonus, this is also the first time that a former Saban assistant has defeated his teacher, as Jimbo Fisher, a Texas A&M coach, was his offensive coordinator at LSU.

2. They are still perfect. The University of Iowa rallied from a two-touchdown deficit and returned in the second half of the game to beat Penn State 23-20, which was ranked number 4. With this, the Hawkeyes are now 6-0 and aiming for a perfect season because the toughest rivals on the calendar are in the past. Once again the key was the great work of his defense, which forced four exchanges (all interceptions) to keep the Nittany Lions at bay.

3. For the story. One of the biggest rivalries in college football is the Oklahoma-Texas “Red River Showdown,” and this year’s featured the biggest comeback in rivalry history. The Longhorns went up to a 28-7 lead, but rookie Caleb Williams produced one of the greatest moments in Sooners history by taking them back in the game to win 55-48. In fact, the only one who lost for Oklahoma was Spencer Rattler, who was pulled out of the game when his team trailed 35-17 and Williams did all the work, scoring in six of seven series and adding 25 points in less than 11 minutes.

The data of the week

The University of Georgia team is good… very good.

The Did you see how he jumped? of the week

A recent fad among players is jumping on defense. Hassan Haskins did it and he looked spectacular, because he kept going after that jump:

The video Cover Zero of the week

Apparently there are those who do not understand that Cover Zero it does not mean leaving zero secondaries on one side of the playing field.

Defense-aided touchdown of the week

At the beginning of this column, I talked about how the Cleveland defenders “got” Austin Ekeler into the end zone. The situation is quite peculiar: Los Angeles was within Cleveland’s 10-yard line and they intended to run out of the clock to search for the winning FG. That’s why Austin Ekeler gives the impression of stopping on his carry to the end zone. The Cleveland defenders decided it was better to “get in” and give their offense time and not take the Chargers’ play.

A true human chess game.

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