From Shotgun Formation – Week 4 NFL Season 2021

The Raiders are a show worthy of Las Vegas, Justin Tucker is a playmaker and much more, all reviewed from the Shotgun Formation.

Quick impressions from Week 3

The 2021 NFL Season comes with all kinds of surprises: the Raiders are very entertaining, the Jaguars and Jets are in chaos, the Rams look like the real deal and the Chiefs are the last place in their division. Out of everything we saw this week, this is what caught my attention the most:

1. Doing justice to the city. The Raiders have adjusted in a very interesting way to their new city, especially now that there is an audience to see the show live. The Las Vegas team has put on a real show every week, from that Monday night against the Ravens to this week’s overtime game against Miami. As if that were not enough, they are living up to the idea that “the house always wins.” They are a show worthy of Las Vegas.

2. The West is definitely wild. If we are going to talk about honoring phrases, we are in the middle of Wild West in the NFL. NFC West is insane with the Rams, Cardinals, Seahawks and 49ers locked in a pitched battle and the AFC West teams have gotten off to an extremely interesting start with Broncos and Raiders remaining undefeated after three weeks. Each division has very cool stuff, but the two divisions in the west look like the biggest show of all.

3. The preseason is obviously different from the regular season. When Justin Fields had time on the field of play in the preseason he said that “the game was slow for him” and at the time I commented that that was because defenses at that time did not make specific schemes for opposing QBs. This week, which was Fields ‘first start in the regular season, the Browns definitely prepared for the Bears’ QB and the result was very different: Fields was sacked nine times and only threw for 68 yards. This is the best sign that things are different in the NFL, and Justin Fields had to find out the hard way.

The things that I think I know

After what happened in the third week of the 2021 NFL Season, here are some things I think I know:

1. Living legend. Many of us have used the term “future member of the Hall of Fame” to refer to players like Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Donald and others … well, I think it’s time to use that same term to refer to Justin Tucker. The Ravens kicker is a player who definitely alters the outcome of the game, and deserves to be considered a “Hall of Famer” from now on.

2. The end of an era. What Ben Roethlisberger is going through in Pittsburgh is, realistically, overtime. The Pittsburgh QB is past his best years and it seems that the Steelers will have a very difficult season. In fact, I think it’s a good time to be evaluating the prospects who will arrive in the draft next year.

3. I will need extra monitors. Next week there is an extremely packed schedule at 3:00 pm 49ers vs. Seahawks, Rams vs. Cardinals, Packers vs. Steelers and Ravens vs. Broncos. Each one has a lot of extremely interesting things, so it will be a pretty busy block. And all as a prelude to the Patriots vs Buccaneers.

the song of the week

With the Rams and Chargers victories, it’s impossible not to be excited in California. A Super Bowl between these two teams at SoFi Stadium? This song is perfect for this scenario:

They say that dreams come true. We’ll see.

Talking about college football

There was a lot going on in NCAA college football this week, so let’s take a look at some flashy themes from this week.

1. The 100 arrived. Nick Saban’s career in Alabama has been one of great dominance over the entire NCAA, and there’s no better way to show it than with victories. The Crimson Tide already has a hundred consecutive wins against rivals not ranked, and they reached that figure with a 63-14 beating to Southern Miss. Bryce Young threw for 313 yards and 5 TDs for the game, while Roydell Williams had 110 rushing yards to combine with 97 Jase McClellan. With this, Alabama is 4-0 on the season and it seems that they are, once again, headed for the playoffs.

2. Notre Dame exploded at the end. The Fighting Irish had a very close game with Wisconsin, so much so that they entered tied at ten points in the fourth quarter. But in that last period things went totally in favor of Notre Dame, who scored 31 points to end up winning 41-13. Much of the problem came with Graham Mertz, the Badgers’ QB, throwing four interceptions, including two that were returned for a touchdown in the final quarter.

3. Free fall. Clemson is in a strange situation for them: for the first time in six years they are out of the panorama of the college playoff, this thanks to the loss they suffered against NC State by a score of 27-21. Now the Tigers are 2-2 and have a little problem: No team has made the college football playoffs with two losses in one season. Clemson’s main problem is that the offense is still struggling a lot, and now things are looking pretty tough for them. From the beginning it is already difficult for them to win their seventh ACC title, and from there everything will continue to get complicated.

The data of the week

Speaking of Justin Tucker’s field goal, here’s a huge tidbit that is unbelievable.

the question of the week

In all my years of watching football I have come across many things, but I must confess that until now I am faced with the question: why is the official eating Skittles?

The carry of the week

If they ever played Tecmo Bowl this play will remind them of what it was like to use Bo Jackson:

Just as the Rainbow Warriors planned.

Justin Tucker Video of the Week

It’s impossible not to end From the Shotgun Formation with this:

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