From contempt to the top: Cooper Kupp goes from being rejected to being the weapon of the Rams


Cooper kupp

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Cooper kupp

Cooper kupp He is the only receiver with more than a thousand yards this season, and he is the man of the moment, and he is called to be the weapon of the Rams to lead the franchise in the fight against Buccaneers, the Packers and Cowboys for the ticket of the NFC at Super bowl.

But not everything has been honey on flakes for Kupp, and it is that when he finished high school, he did not have a single offer from the NCAA Division I universities, and today, playing his fifth season in the NFL, is the clearest example that work and talent are enough to demonstrate the determination of what you are capable of achieving.

And as if that weren’t enough, Kupp never had a simple picture, because at just 1.83 meters tall, he does not have the ideal prototype of the receiver in the NFL.

With the opportunity to Eastern Washington to pursue his university career, Kupp already demonstrated that character, and that led to the Rams to decide on a small man, but with a huge talent and a giant heart.

In 2018, during his second season in the League, he suffered an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear that ended his season. Another problem in his aspirations to consolidate in the NFL. And that didn’t stop him either.

But he fought and came back better than ever. Now, in the current 2021-22 season, he is an important piece of some Rams who have the obsession of reaching the Super Bowl LVI, and is that the So-Fi Stadium, his home, will host the NFL championship.

Recent acquisitions of Von miller and Odell Beckham Jr They already reinforce a very complete team led by quarterback Matthew Stafford and other important players such as Aaron Donald.


Name: Cooper Kupp

Team: LA Rams

Position: receiver

Receptions: 362

Yards: 4,589

Touchdowns: 34



Cooper Kupp 2021 74 1,019 10

Steve Smith 2005 58 937 9

Sterling Sharpe 1992 61 906 6

Jerry Rice 1990 62 1,006 11


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From contempt to the top: Cooper Kupp goes from being rejected to being the weapon of the Rams