From Argentina to the world, a soccer player agent that makes a difference

Being a player representative requires passion (Photo: Instagram)
Being a player representative requires passion (Photo: Instagram)

“Sport has the incredible ability to unite us and to train healthy people for societies. Let’s not destroy it”. This phrase describes the spirit of a soccer player representative who is making a difference. Alan Poch said it on Twitter before the siege of players, and especially female players, during the last Olympic games.

How did you start to stomp in the sports world?

Most people have their own story about how they chose the career path, their doing in the world. Some trades are more striking and others more common. Some choices come from childhood, others are inheritances and others, “swings” of maturity.

But Choosing as a teenager to be a representative of soccer players is really curious and it sure was not an option more than a vocational test. That is the story of Alan Poch, a young man from Santa Fe of German origin who, at 32, has been growing steadily in the world of local football and especially in Europe.

His vocation is not rooted in the family lineage, but those who know him say that at the age of 15 and while playing as a central midfielder in a club in the Santa Fe league, he already commented that he wanted to be a representative of soccer players and read all the books on the subject that came to his hand.

At just 23 years old, Alan was already recommending players from his province to different businessmen, gradually entering the world of football. A) Yes, A few years ago he founded his own sports management company, which includes the representation of a selective group of professional players and also scouting for clubs.. The young businessman already plays fully on the world field of representatives and players.

What makes a good player representative

There are almost as many agents as there are players in the world. Them they are very necessary participants in the negotiations and in the management of the sports careers of professional footballers.

Negotiations of all kinds occur in football and it is currently an activity regulated by the associations of each country. All agents must have registration to practice and those who work without being authorized can be sanctioned.

However, it is difficult to find differences between agents because there are uses and customs that do not change over time. Beyond having contacts abroad, the number of players they represent and experience, the vast majority fulfill the same role. But are there ways to distinguish yourself among so many agents globally?

One of the differences between the agents is generated by the players themselves. In Argentina the most recognized is Guillermo Coppola for having directed the career of Diego Armando Maradona for many years. In Europe, the names of the Portuguese Jorge Mendes, Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent, and the Italian Mino Raiola, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s and Erling Haaland’s agent stand out. By managing the careers of world stars of that stature, they have more exposure and grow in the environment.

The difference appears in the imprint that each one imposes and there you can understand the recognition that Alan Poch was achieving among managers of important foreign leagues, especially in European clubs. Although at the moment a world star is not known among his represented, developed a novel working method that is recognized by sports directors from different parts of the world.

In June and July of this year, after a year as complicated for everyone as 2020 was, Poch was in several European countries where he toured club by club, one by one without making differences, to be personally present and talk with their managersAn attitude that was pleasantly surprised in the old continent. In addition to professionalism and seriousness, when presenting an option to a club “it does so in a very innovative way that is not usual among the large number of agents there are worldwide,” highlighted a Spanish sports director.

His strong character when he feels that something is wrong does not prevent him from being attentive and supportive, a virtue that runs through his obsessive and perfectionist work. Always thinking about how to improve, he lives with his cell phone in hand because he is passionate about what he does.

“Effort, perseverance, determination, passion and honesty = Nothing is impossible” is described in social networks, where he prefers the bird network to communicate important and specific issues. Very low profile, Poch does not usually speak to the press because for him the protagonists of football are the players and the fans.

Alan Poch working while touring Spanish clubs (Photo: Instagram)
Alan Poch working while touring Spanish clubs (Photo: Instagram)

Career management and professional player scouting

Vertrauen means confidence in German, this is also the name of Alan Poch’s company dedicated to sports representation and “scouting for clubs”, as it is said today, emulating the language of professional modeling. He performs it for all types of clubs, although the eye is always on those from Europe to promote the arrival of South Americans to those leagues.

Poch advises clubs abroad presenting options from this part of the world, or guides them in monitoring the players they are targeting. It also manages the careers of a select few footballers who join the company, as long as they are of the required profile. With them, in particular, seeks to develop a very personalized, close and daily relationship, which covers all aspects of the athlete’s life.

Taking care of the players and that football is constantly growing are his obsessions, which he transmits not only in his daily work but also in spaces for opinion and collaboration where he likes to participate. For Poch they are fundamental the integral formation of the future professional from the youth and the impact of the sport in the education of a young person, as well as the attention to those who do not achieve the dream of being a footballer after years of sacrifice and to former players.

Alan Poch, a new style of representatives of footballers (Photo: Instagram)
Alan Poch, a new style of representatives of footballers (Photo: Instagram)

The path of solidarity

One of Alan Poch’s premises is that Sports clubs have a special value for society, they are very important for neighborhoods, towns and cities, for their contribution to the training of young people and the support they can achieve from their activities. Along these lines, he always tries to spread and collaborate with the work of Gastón Vigo Gasparotti, a friend from his native Santa Fe, who created and presides over the Akamasoa Argentina foundation.

This organization continues in Argentina the work that Father Pedro Opeka carries out in Madagascar, Africa. Following the same way of working of the Argentine priest with which he managed to lift more than 500,000 people out of extreme poverty, he helped them to insert themselves into society, finish their studies and start working and encouraged them to build neighborhoods, schools and universities. where there used to be garbage dumps, Poch spreads the spirit of the organization in all the areas in which it operates and encourages sports activity in it.

Being a player representative can be one more activity, the difference is the type of human being that assumes that role. Not everything is the same, nor are they all the same.