Four young Dallas players have high projections for this

One of the most striking things about the Dallas Cowboys is the sheer amount of young talent at the highest level that the organization currently has. It can be seen with the selections of these last two years in the Draft. Where we must highlight CeeDee Lamb, Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs.

And it is that according to Pro Football Focus, these three elements of the Dallas Cowboys are part of the top players in the NFL under 25 years of age. In a total of 25 names, the Cowboys are tied with Tampa Bay, having three names on this list.

Starting with CeeDee Lamb, the 23-year-old will be tasked with being the first receiver in the organization. All this after the departure of Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns. Along with this, a lot of the responsibility on offense is going to fall on him. It is not yet known for sure when Michael Gallup will be available. Just as it remains to be seen what rookie Jalen Tolbert can offer to the equation.

Likewise, we have the Trevon Diggs situation. The kid came into the 2020 Draft in the second round, just behind Lamb’s pick. For his second year as a professional, he had a total of 11 interceptions, becoming the leader in this statistic in 2021. It is expected that by his third year, he will be able to maintain his production level and continue to support Dan’s defensive schemes. Quinn.

At number six on this list is Micah Parsons, who became the defensive rookie of the year. You have to remember that Parsons ended up being the 12th pick in the Cowboys’ 2021 Draft. All thanks to a trade that the Lone Star team would make with the Eagles.

And even though Micah wasn’t the first choice on the 2021 pick, he ended up being one of the big players to watch last season. Not only playing linebacker but defensive end as well. He achieving a total of 13 catches of Mariscal and even being so versatile, that on some occasions he made coverage. It is expected that in his second year with the Cowboys he can contribute much more to the team’s numbers.

As for Lamb and Diggs, both receiver and cornerback finished 17th and 25th, respectively. Implying the power that the NFC East team has within the entire NFL. Something they will certainly have to prove in 2022 if they want to not only get through the regular season, but advance into the postseason.

As mentioned, wide receiver Jalen Tolbert is one of those rookies who stands out for what he could bring to the table next season. After all, many say that Amari Cooper’s absence is going to be felt and that the offense will have to prove his worth thanks to other players who are no longer on the team. As are the specific cases of offensive linemen Connor Williams and La’el Collins.

The South Alabama prospect finished in the third round and has become a welcome pick for the Cowboys. According to Pro Football Focus, the rookie could become the big surprise of the 2022 campaign.

Of course, the kid doesn’t have any pro NFL experience yet. However, he is expected to have a very good connection with Prescott thanks to his great ability in college to receive deep passes. During his final year with the Jaguars, Tolbert would record five touchdowns of more than 20 yards. This is a very good sign in anticipation of Michael Gallup’s return from his torn ACL. Since the latter is the perfect deep-passing partner for Prescott.

However, we must not ignore the projection of the rookie and that he can collaborate in offensive production. After all, the vast majority of coverage will go to Lamb. So Dak could have Jalen as a great weapon for the season to come.

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Four young Dallas players have high projections for this