FMF sends FIFA a request for Funes Mori to play for Mexico

ESPN Digital learned that the FMF sent the documentation to FIFA at dawn so that Funes Mori can play with the Mexican National Team

MEXICO – The Mexican Soccer Federation sent the request to FIFA, in the early morning, to make it possible for Rogelio Funes Mori play with the Mexican team. The highest Mexican soccer body hopes that the process will be completed in time for the Argentine to play the gold Cup, FMF sources informed ESPN Digital.

In the early morning, the Mexican Soccer Federation He sent the request to the FIFA “Player Status Committee” to request a change from the AFA to the FMF for Rogelio Funes Mori, who just yesterday received his “certificate of Mexican nationality.”

“The request was sent at dawn, with all the required documents and we hope that the response will arrive on time, so that Rogelio Funes Mori can participate in the Gold Cup ”, commented the source consulted by ESPN Digital.

Funes Mori relies on the “Player Status Commission” to review his documents and if all are correct, he could have a chance to be in time for the Gold Cup, which will be played next month.

The shortlist of 60 players from each national team participating in the Gold Cup is expected to be public no later than the weekend, so Funes Mori depends on the response time of FIFA to participate with the Tricolor in the Concacaf tournament.

“The player who requests such a change in accordance with this article will not be eligible to be part of the teams of any federation until a decision is made regarding his request”, it reads in the “FIFA Statutes”, in the “Change of Federation” section.

Funes Mori is 30 years old and previously played with the Albiceleste in minor categories, before turning 21 years old, although even so he meets the requirements to request the change of Federation.

The Argentine naturalized Mexican and the FMF cross their fingers so that the process is on time.